About Me

Hi!  Welcome!

My purpose in this life time is to help others shift their frequency to a higher vibration.  To help them find their happiness.

When we vibrate higher, we are happier, healthier human beings!

I began finding my own path when I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.   I walked away from my corporate job, which I was good at, paid my bills but left me miserable and so unhealthy.

I found that when I aligned more with my soul calling the Universe provided me with means I needed.  Not to say I haven't struggled financially (because lets face it, that's what we worry about) but I have always come through and I'm so much happier and healthier.

With that being said I have found confidence in remembering who I am, what I love and I'm using that passion to help others find their way.  I specialize in Twinflame & Soulmate connections, Self Love & Self Discovery.

How does this all work?

Well, to put it simply, my higher self connects with your higher self and they run the show.  Anything you are meant to know right now will come through while our soul guidance teams (Angels, Spirit Guides, Soul Family) work behind the scenes energetically on anything that needs to be released or cleared.

I do not have to be face to face, or in person.  In fact a majority of the readings I do are remote and are video recordings.  A lot of clients appreciate the ability to watch their videos on their own time, as many times as they need.  Since they are recorded and sent to you personally, you own them.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope we get to work together soon!

xo Candi


Exclusive Twinflame Guidance

Twinflame Chakras

Video Tarot Reading

This reading is great for those who would like to clear and balance their 9 chakras. We will delve into any energy blockages in each energy centre for both you and your Twinflame. It also speaks to what is going on in each of your lives right now!

Twinflame Future

Video Tarot Reading

This is ideal for Twinflames who would like to know more about future possible outcomes for their connection.

Twinflame Same Day

Video Tarot Reading

This is ideal for those Twinflames who would like an answer or have an urgent question that needs answering.


Astrology Insights

This is great for people who want to understand why this connection is like this in this lifetime, and how it serves.


PDF Profile

This is great for people who would like to know more about their twinflame or soulmate.

More to Come



Oracle Deck

Gifts of the Soul

This is a 70 card oracle deck. This deck contains any activation or upgrade codes needed to enhance the gifts of your soul. It can be used a personal tool or a tool to help others open up to their soul's calling.

Oracle Deck

Twinflames 101

This is a 91 card deck and it covers the following elements of the Twinflame Journey.

Messages Deck

Divine Masculine's Higher Self

This is a 144 card deck, 144 messages from the Divine Masculine Collective

No b.s., geniune and loving, tell it like it is messages


Twinflame Full

Video Tarot Reading

This is great for people who are looking for guidance with their twinflame connection.

Twinflame Connection

Video Tarot Reading

This is ideal for Twinflames who want to more about what is going on with the connection itself.

Twinflame Physical

Video Tarot Reading

This is ideal for Twinflames who want to know more about what is happening in the physical for them and their Twin.

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