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About Me

Hi! Welcome! Thank you for stopping by!


I am a conduit for guidance and healing for those who have found their way here.


I, myself, am a Twin Flame, and have been on this journey since early 2018. This is not a trend for me, it's my life. And, it's changed my life in so many incredible ways. I want to help others on this journey experience that too. It is part of my path to assist other Divine Feminines in rediscovering their inner power, knowing, and light, through the depths of subconscious awareness. And to learn how to navigate their own unique connection, as the connection is here to assist in your ascension and healing. Remembering who you are and becoming more conscious to what is happening in your connection will change the entire journey for you. This is a journey within to without.


I can't tell you whether you're a TF or not, no one can, that's a big part of this journey. To learn to trust your knowing. It's not my job to judge you or your truth, it's my job to support you on whatever you're meant to experience at this time. Anyone connected to this collective, whether they are a true TF or not, are connected for a reason. The Divine Love of this collective is here to assist humanity with reconciling real romantic love between two people and to bring up and dissolve any ideations, beliefs, wounds, or trauma that obstructs the ability to experience it fully. It can be a fairytale romance, but even the idea of what a fairytale romance is skewed by societal beliefs. So, let's call it an epic divine love instead, and trust that no matter what happens you'll discover that love you're wanting has always existed inside of you and that you've been always been deserving of it. 

✨Thank you so much for all the support, and for tuning in!


Be Your Peace, Love Yourself & Share Your Light




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