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Human Design Consultation + Guidance

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About Me

Hi! Welcome! Thank you for stopping by!


I am a conduit for guidance and healing for those who have found their way here.

I am a big fan of self discovery, or rediscovery! Affirming what you know to be true about yourself deep down is such a huge catalyst for personal empowerment. And also, walking people through their wounds and trauma so they don't have to face them alone. I love helping others remember who they really are and give them the tools they need to step into their true path in this life.

I utilize my psychic and intuitive gifts to translate the gifts human design has to offer.


Be Your Peace, Love Yourself & Share Your Light




Human Design

Human Design Consultation, Readings, and Sessions


Twinflame Support

Twinflame Guidance Packages, and  Readings


Courses + Events

Human Design, Twinflame, Childhood Healing Courses


Guidance Packages

Custom guidance packages

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