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11:11 Portal 2022 - Twin Flame Activation

November 11th, 2022 - 8 pm (EST)

Live Zoom Event

(replay available - it's not an interactive session so you just get to watch or show up when you can - no mics or cameras on)

$33 (CAD)

What's Included:

  • live video about the 1111 Portal energy and affects on;

    • the Twin Flame collective

    • Divine Feminine collective

    • Divine Masculines collective

  • activations, affirmations, and tools to use

  • a PDF workbook to follow along or work with on your own time

  • live meditation

  • replay of the whole event available if you can't make it live

  • separate meditation sound file so you can do the meditation without having to watch the whole event

Sign Up Here

**you will need to sign up or log in as a member of the site before signing up for the event**

A ceremony the day of the 11:11 Portal to bring in what you need until 12/12 and further more through out the next year.

This will unlock:
- emotional openness

- structuring a path from avoidance to knowing

- breakthrough of the head, heart and persona (ego)

 - higher power shift in trajectory

- acceptance of what is to shift into what will be

- clear understanding

- anchoring the DF's perception into/through the heart

- anchoring the DM's physical reality into the new timeline

- the next layer of your evolution

- the reaping of good karma through the next phase

We will call in your Divine Counter Part and attune your connection to the next phase of your ascension.

Sign Up Here

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