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The Define Your Design Course

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Join me! And learn how to read your Human Design Natal Chart! I will walk you through an important part of your chart and give you the basic information you need to dig deeper into your self-discovery journey! You will receive some information about Human Design and the different components and how they work, but predominantly this is helping you understand the language and the really cool things hidden in your chart. This will help you become familiar with all the inner workings of your chart so you can expand and make it your own. It's comprehensive and foundational! This course will give you the information you need to research further. I do offer sessions if you'd like a more one on one experience, but if you'd like to learn a little about Human Design and how to read a chart, this is for you! Each lesson will has prerecorded videos and a printable PDF to go along with the videos. This is ideal for visual, tactile, hands on and audio learners. The Basics Your Natural Gifts Your Gifts to Discover Your Variable Elements Your Fears Magical Findings in a Chart Paths + Circuitry That's 7 manuals (147 pages of printable PDF workbooks) and 24 videos of information, all at your disposal! You will learn about your body graph, your gates, your channels, your variables, your fears, and some of the hidden magical elements of your chart. I hope you enjoy mastering your own Human Design natal chart!

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