Gate #1

The Gift of Divine Expression: To awaken to the beauty within you, others and life. You know you are embodying the gift when you see the beauty of it all and become inspired.


Shifting the shadow of the Victim of Numbness

(traversing the shadow from entropy to freshness to beauty)


The shadow may have developed from an experience in childhood around numbness. Often times we absorb, witness, or experience things that create the space for the shadow to become a part of our experience and we take that into our adult lives as if it's our burden to carry. With this particular shadow you may have experienced:

  • painful interactions with your parents that taught you to numb yourself in some way

  • parents that needed numb themselves through some form of coping mechanism (usually brought on by depression)

  • parents who seemed really busy because they didn't know how to sit with themselves or their emotions

  • being taught to fear emotions (perhaps were reacted to poorly when emotional) or bad things so constantly needed to distract from those things


The shadow aspect manifests as a state of numbness through depression or uncontrolled distraction. Both experiences denying the harmony within from an imposed state of separation.


How the subconscious shadow may manifest in your life:

  • you may feel depressed out of powerlessness

  • you may feel deeply uncomfortable if you're not distracted by something

  • you may be annoyed by the others choice to distract themselves

  • you may tend to focus more on separation than on possible harmony

  • you may have a hard time sitting still (your mind is telling you there is so much to do)

  • you may feel helpless or hopeless as things feel so out of your control


How the subconscious shadow may manifest in your connection or through your person:

  • feeling powerless, helpless, or hopeless when it comes to your physical relationship

  • focusing on your connection because you feel bored, depressed, or disenchanted with your life

  • annoyed with your person’s distraction or avoidance

  • difficulty sitting in the numbness to connection on a soul level

  • difficulty you have the ability to create for yourself


You can shift when you become aware of the entropy and utilize it’s stillness to see yourself and the world around you with fresh eyes.