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Individual Divine Blueprint


We explore the characteristics of your human incarnation, your karma, personal magic, and healing purposes for yourself.


Because this is channeling + research work and not a program creation, they will take time to create. They are unique and hand crafted so to speak, one of a kind. They are deep personal channelings that will give you an in depth understanding of what your connections purpose is in this life time.


They will speak to the shadow/karma, the shifts needed, and the gifts it has to offer. We look at your personal dynamic and your trajectory in this lifetime!

What I will need from you:

  • your date of birth, location of birth, and time of birth

This is a voice recorded channeling + activation. We explore the natural flow of the energy came in with and how to utilize it to the best of your ability. We dig into what healing purpose it has, gifts, and how it affects the collective. Each of you have a designated purpose in what you are healing and shifting in the world, as well as yourself

Each Section:

Human Conscious Natural State

What Needs to Be Brought Forward from the Subconscious

Natural catalyst to healing

Benefits + Gifts of this energy for you and the collective

Activations + Clearing received in the reading

Each weekly special will be $55 for each!

Week of February 7th Special - $55

Natural Healing Modality

          the healing work you're here to master

Week of February 14th Special - $55

Physical Experiences

          your nature physical state and the gifts that come with that, learning how to

           operate within any environment, your feeling body, how others receive you


Week of February 28th Special - $55


          what you're here to master in regards to relationships including the one with


Week of March 7th Special - $55

Past Life Lessons + Karma

          What you're here to reconcile and balance from past lives.

Week of March 14th Special - $55

Past Life Gifts + Magic

          What you're meant to remember and regain skill and gift wise in this life time

Week of March 21st Special - $55


          Any blockages you've agreed to release and overcome in this life time


Week of March 28th Special - $55

Conscious + Unconscious Super Powers

          Discovery of your natural rhythm and how you can use these things in a real

           tangible way


Week of April 4th Special - $55

Relationship with Money, Love + Abundance

          Healing and mastering the frequency of these energies


Week of April 11th Special - $55

Manifestation Signature

          What your natural manifestation signature is for effortless manifestation


Week of April 18th Special - $55

Transmutation + Transformation

           What you're here to heal, shift and transmute for yourself, your lineage, and

            the collective.

Week of April 25th Special - $55

Life Purpose

          The next piece of the puzzle when it comes to your life purpose.


Week of May 2nd Special - $55

Soul Group

          The soul dance group you chose to incarnate with in this life time, the people

           who are on similar missions

Week of May 9th Special - $55

Akashic Records

           Visiting the Akashic records to bring forward the connection between your

           human mission and your soul mission

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