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Full Moon in Aquarius - Twin Flame Release + Healing

Forgiveness of the True Rebel

Pre-recorded Healing Session

Available August 12th, 2022


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**if you aren't already a member of my website you'll be need to sign up before you can purchase the session**

This session provides information about the astrological placements that are working with the Super Moon in Aquarius to help us as a collective shed, release, and shift specific fears and experiences that keep us limited. There will also be a meditation that will help facilitate and energetic release of the energy you and your Divine Counter Part are meant to be done with at this time. It will also help the two of you make room for more good things to come.

This session will include:
- helping bring in ease and grace to healing

- a channeled blessing from Arch Angel Uriel

- opening the two of you up to the energy of forgiveness

- bringing out the rebel in you both so you can feel better about being yourself authentically, with each other and any one else

- a PDF workbook with information from the session and reflective questions to integrate what you learned

- a guided meditation that's designed to take you on a journey while being activated and healed energetically

We will also call in your Divine Counter Part's higher self so they can participate in the experience.

If you're a Patreon of mine you'll have free access to this, please contact me and I'll give you a code to sign up or add you to the class automatically.

Sign Up For The Session Here

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