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This will be a video-recorded reading and currently has a 7 day turnaround time. You will receive the video link via the email that was provided at the time of purchase.


You can choose any reading you like, all readings come with a base reading we tap into what needs to come forward in your energy.  In the base reading we will clear, heal and seal your auric field, remove any cords and attachments, open to any light and ascension codes needed at this time. Whether you are into these things or not they will make you feel better physically.

These are full readings, not just add ons, and for each reading, you also get to select whom you'd like to receive guidance from.

All options are available in the form!

Base Reading: (this is standard in every reading purchase)

  • Your overall energy

  • Anything in the headspace (mentally + thinking) that needs to come forward for your awareness

  • Anything in the heart space (emotionally + feeling) that needs to come forward for your awareness

  • Anything in your immediate environment (people + energy) that needs to come forward for your awareness

  • Guidance – Take away, as what you need to know right now

General Pull - Divine Assistance $88

This is for those of you who aren't really sure what you'd like to know. Maybe there are many things coming up and you're not sure what to focus on. You can also ask a specific question with this one if you don't see anything else that aligns with what you need.

Past Life Reading $88

We will dive into a past life that needs to come forward for balancing and release. During this reading, the energy will come up and we will move through the situation together. It will often highlight a core experience you keep having. Like the same situation over and over again.

Guidance For Your Path $88

We will discover the next on your path through this reading. Your Soul Guidance team will be guiding us on what is open and available for you to pursue at this time. We will pull key information on what you're meant to do at this moment to support your path.

Love + Soulmate Reading $88

We will tap into the connection you have with a specific person to understand what is happening. You can also ask a specific question with this one. The only thing that can't be answered with a full guarantee is a question about timing. We will explore:

  • The energy of your relationship

  • What you need to focus on head + heart-wise

  • What they are focused on head + heart-wise

  • Your hidden energy toward this person

  • Their hidden energy toward you

  • Anything you're meant to know about this relationship

  • Near future potential for this relationship

Chakra Balance Reading $88

We move through each chakra from your Earth Star all the way up to your Soul Star. We clear, balance, and upgrade each chakra. There will also be guidance and messages in regard to the energy that is coming through for each one.

Karmic Energy Clearing Reading $88

We will bring forward any karmic energy you're carrying in your field. Whether it's from a past life, this life, absorbed from others, or created by you. We will dig in and move the energy to allow healing and restoration of your authentic self.

Family Relationship Healing Reading $88

We will move into any healing that needs to come up in regard to the relationship you have with your family members. This can be a specific person or people if you choose. We will find the root of the issue and unearth it so it can properly heal on a subconscious level.

Karmic Relationships Clearing Reading $88

We will clear any and all karmic relationship energy from your field. Whether it's from a past life, this life, projected onto you or created by you. This will help clear any codependency or attachments. It will also open up the opportunity to move forward, helping to transition out of any past cycles. We will also be reconciling any Akashic records to reflect the new path you're moving onto you.

New Moon Reading $88

We will celebrate the New Moon and navigate the energy coming in to support you at this time, as well as any information that will help you make the most of the New Moon energy.

Full Moon Reading $88

We will celebrate the Full Moon and navigate the energy coming in to support you at this time, as well as any information that will help you make the most of the Full Moon energy.

Childhood Healing Reading $88

We will discover any childhood trauma or wounds that you may still be carrying around. This is not a deep dive into any trauma, this is an energy-moving reading. What needs to come up will come up for clearing as you will be ready to heal it at this time. We may also discover some programming or fear blockages you weren't aware of.

Fear Clearing Reading $88

We will navigate the realm of fear. Any fears you are experiencing or are unaware of, we will find, face, and heal with love. Fears are the guardians of our wounds, so we will move into what we can heal with those as well at this time.

Blockages Clearing Reading $88

We will discover any blockages you may have that you aren't aware of or are aware of but need assistance moving through them. We will feel into where they were created, why they are still around, and how to release them so you are no longer burdened by them.

Spirit Animal Reading $88

We will call in any Spirit Animal energy needed for you at this time and open up to special messages and healing from these incredible beings.

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