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Human Design Glossary

Here is a glossary of Human Design terms and what they mean


indicates the way in which your energy flows in the world.


indicates the way your energy flows with other people, every type has a unique strategy


indicates whether you're in alignment with your type and strategy or not, , every type has a unique signature

Inner Authority

indicates the energetic authority you're born with and can learn to trust over the brain


the diagram that houses information about how our energy is designed to flow.


a specific point where the origin of our energy is determined, where we sample and pull in or ruminate and project out


the part of your chart that denotes digestion, environment, awareness, perception, manifestation, etc. defined by arrows

Color + Tone

the part of your chart that lends an underlying tone to your variables


A specific type of energy, a characteristic, gift, skill, we choose to experience and use as a tool in this life time.


the part of your gate that lends an underlying tone to the gate energy


A connecting energy that alchemizes two active parts (two gates and two centers) of our chart and creates a whole new energy for us to utilize.


the way your defined centers interact with the world and with eachother to integrate information and your experience


the characteristics you embody (like an archetype)

Incarnation Cross

your core mission in this life time

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