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Human Design + Kids

We all designed our lives to some extent and kids are no different.


They have a unique path and a unique way of being.

These sessions and readings will be predominantly for the parents who want to understand the unique way in which their child's core energy operates and lean into how best to support them with that in mind.

There are currently 4 individual live sessions being offered, as well as a package that includes all 4 sessions at a discount.

Each session is tailored to your child and really focuses on the potential within them and maybe some of the difficulties they may have trying to fit into the world around them. Not from a place of expecting them to fit in, but from a place of accepting their uniqueness and leveraging that into the confidence and courage for them to just be themselves.

You can also download simple PDFs of your child's chart. They give you a taste of the information that comes in the session and gives you a start to understanding how your child operates deep down.

You'll be asked for your child's date of birth, location of birth, and time of birth when purchase either the PDF report or the session.

Image by Robert Collins

Mini Reports

About Your Kids

These reports are for the parent who wants dabble a little and understand the basics of how human design works for their kid before committing to a session.

Purpose - Coming Soon
Mentality/Physicality - Coming Soon
All Reports - Coming Soon
Kids Running

Live Sessions For You + Your Kids

This is for the parent who wants to learn more about what their kids wrote in for themselves and how best to support them in this life

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