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Welcome to my coaching sessions! As someone who finds immense value in emotional expression and the movement it creates in our energy flow, I offer an experience where you can freely express what you need and feel safe in the vulnerability of your emotions and thoughts.

These can be structured or tailored to a specific issue or topic, or they can be catch all sessions, where we talk about anything and everything you want.

My gift is to innately understand the subconscious undertones in your life, the root of the issue, if you will, in any given situation and provide support and feedback to help you resolve the issue at hand.

Things I provide as an intuitive coach:

  • a safe, loving, accepting space for you to be able to express (judgement free zone)

  • intuitive practical solutions that can help you feel empowered enough to overcome anything

  • energy healing and shifting through conversation and reception

You can book one session at a time or book a package and get a discount.

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Kelly S, CO

“You're right. You just shifted my perspective on so many things. It's like, I new I was holding an apple but you pointed out the intricate design I never noticed about it. Like, I know I have this in me but I didn't realize it's potential in this way."

As an intuitive coach, I provide a safe space for you to explore your true self and rediscover your purpose. Please note that I am not a licensed professional. I do not diagnose, treat, or have the license to do so. I am here to offer insights and support that empower you to take control of your life and find your own path.
With my many years of experience I provide guidance and support on your journey of reclaiming your most authentic self, your spiritual and personal growth, or the joys of discovering yourself through metaphysical systems like astrology and human design. My guidance comes from my intuitive gifts, life experience, and the ability to channel information through spirit.

This is not a substitute for professional care, and if you're in need of therapeutic interventions, please consult a licensed mental health professional.

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