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Personal (Individual) 2022 Reading

This will be a video recorded reading and currently has a 4 to 10 day turn around time. You will receive the video link via the email that was provided at the time of purchase. You can choose any amount of add ons, there is no minimum.

You can get the whole reading for $222 ($44.44 savings or on section free)! You can select this option from the form or select what options below resonate with you the most.

Thank you! xo Candi

Part 1: Summary of 2021 - $44

  • Lessons You Learned

  • Wounds You've Healed

  • What You Have Released

  • What Was Hidden or Going On Behind The Scenes

Part 2: Transition + Growth - $44

  • How you are seeing youself

  • How you are seeing others

  • How you experienced the shift

  • Fears + Blockages That Transitioned

Part 3: 2022 - $88 (for each of you)

  • Personal Challenges

  • Fears That Will Come Up

  • How The Connection to your magic will deepen

  • Guided To Focus On

  • Lessons To Learn

  • Path To Purpose (gift + ability development)

  • Path To self love + confidence

  • What Is wished fore and wanted for this year

Part 4: Special Events + Transitions - $44

A little forecast as to what will happen within these months for the connection, you and them.

  • January to March

  • April to June

  • July to September

  • September to December

Part 5: Additional Support - $44

  • Angel support this year

  • Animal spirit support this year

  • Spirit guide + cosmic energy support this year

  • Anything your higher self wants you to know

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