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Lion's Gate 2022 - Individual Activation

An Attunement of Your Natural Magnetic State

August 7th, 2022

1:11 PM (EST)

Live Zoom

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This session is for individuals who are ready to unlock their personal frequency of magnetism.

This is happening the day before lion's gate so you can take full advantage of this powerful portal of energy.

The Lion's Gate portal is about activating the energy within you to embody a more empowered life.

This is an activation experience, so while you will learn some really cool things, there isn't a whole lot you need to do. You just need to open to the energy and the possibility that anything is possible.

I will walk you through opening the part of your identity center that is connected to the manifestation of abundance and invoke the leader within. This is about let the energy do the heavy lifting than it is doing the heavy lifting yourself.

To be able to receive and respond, than act and initiate to receive.

This will unlock:
- your innate wisdom further

- you personal resonance factor (so you can feel what you're attracting and aligning with)

 - your ability to attract from the heart vs the head

- awareness of where you're sabotaging your ability to call in your desires

- the amplification of the frequency of love (which is the most powerful attraction energy their is)

- attunement to your spiritual guidance team so your internal compass becomes easier to follow in the real world

- the Divine Spark within that will light you up and makes manifestation easier

We will also call in your higher self to help embody the shift.


This will be a live zoom event and will be about an hour. A replay will be available to watch after the event. Cameras do not need to be on and this will not be an interactive event so you won't be expected to participate verbally, only energetically as we create magic together!

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