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What makes you angry?
(no filtering yourself out of fear or judgement. The anger will tell you a lot if you let it.)
What reaction does it bring out in you?
(like what are you thinking and feeling in addition to the anger)
Is this the first time you've ever felt like this?
Does the situation remind you of any previous experiences you've had or witnessed?
ie. if the karmic is female, does their behaviour remind you of something you've experienced or witnessed with other women, girls from your past or childhood?
(my personal example: my twin's karmic partner is one of those girls who grew up well off, popular and pretty by social media standards, seems to be nice but can be a mean competitive girl.
So for me this brought up triggers that reminded me of being bullied by the rich popular girls who got away with everything even though they were the mean ones. And also being second choice to the other boys in class.)
Do you want to react in a way you wished you would have back then?
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