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What did you need then in those moments when you felt those things the first time?
(example from the first theme: to be respected, to be treated as an equal, to be chosen first)
Can you find a way to help the you in that situation understand and filter it from a different perspective?
(example: I would tell myself that I am worthy of respect and someone's inability to respect me does not devalue that. That I am an equal and no one but me gets to decide that for me.  And that I will always chose myself first so that I'm not waiting around for someone to do it for me, therefore feeling dis-empowered or at the mercy of someone else.)
Can you connect with the understanding that behaviour is a direct reflection of inner self or someone's inner environment?
(example: For someone to be a bully or mean, they must not be very happy with themselves or their life.  That maybe they don't actually have it all. For someone to choose people based on their looks or their popularity is a reflection of them feeling insecure about themselves and maybe needing someone to make them look better.)
Empathy is the first step to detachment of emotional responsibility or taking someone else's choice in behaviour:
Can you apply this theory to the people in the original situation?
(example: I can see how their behaviour was more of a reflection of them, and my reaction was more of a reflection of how I felt about myself. And that the only thing I can control or work are my emotions around it.)
Can you then apply this theory to the karmic in this situation? Can you see how you may have projected your own wounds into the situation or how the karmic person is bringing up those wounds to heal?
(example: I can see how even though I feel she is an awful person because of her behaviours that make her seem ignorant, that maybe that's her way of coping.  Because deep down she is unfulfilled and unhappy. And this is the only way she knows how to act. And more so how I was not only reacting to her because I still had those old wounds but also projecting my anger toward her as a result of my own unresolved issues.)
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