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Sad For My Twin/ Helpless
Lean into this (as you may be projecting these beliefs onto your twin):
Does this pattern of thinking remind of anyone, who may be didn't trust someone to be able to do something for themselves and often took over doing it for them?
ie. it could be a parent or something you witnessed a lot of growing up. creating the belief that people aren't capable of helping themselves out of a sticky situation.
What to do with it now?

Acknowledge it, release any ownership over that belief and establish your own beliefs about unconditional love. Being aware of where this pattern came from will help you to establish that you most likely took on someone else's version of the truth.


You were and are now worthy of the most beautiful love, as you are in this moment. 

Trust that as you are capable, so is your twin, of growing and learning from the lessons brought forth.

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