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Not With My Twin/ Hopeless
Lean into this (as you may be projecting these beliefs onto your twin):
Does this pattern of thinking remind of anything that made you feel like the only time things went your way or you got what you wanted or needed was when you pushed for it?
ie. it could be the way you were pushed so someone would get what they wanted from you, or how things didn't get done unless you did them yourself.
What to do with it now?

Acknowledge it, release any ownership over that belief and establish your own beliefs about unconditional love. Being aware of where this pattern came from will help you to establish that you most likely took on someone else's version of the truth.


You were and are now worthy of the most beautiful love, as you are in this moment. 

This is a practice of surrender and know that the only thing you can control now is your own healing and well-being.  Try to bring the focus back to you.

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