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Not With My Twin/ Hopeless
Lean into this (as you may be projecting these beliefs onto your twin):
Does this pattern of thinking remind of anything that made you feel like you needed someone to complete you or make you feel whole?
Also are there things that you miss about yourself that maybe you haven't seen in a while?
ie. it could be a time where you took on someone's belief about partnership or love. often as children we absorb everything as the truth, so you could have witnessed something that made you believe you need it. 
What to do with it now?

Acknowledge it, release any ownership over that belief and establish your own beliefs about unconditional love. Being aware of where this pattern came from will help you to establish that you most likely took on someone else's version of the truth.


You were and are now worthy of the most beautiful love, as you are in this moment. 

Now there are situations that you can't do on your own, not in the same sense as having your twin there physically.  But deeper than that, often when we miss our twins we are missing a part of ourselves that we have to realign with.

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