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Lion's Gate 2022 - Twin Flame Activation

Rise of the Divine Feminine Power Within.

Replay is now available. You'll get access to the replay, a PDF workbook, and the meditation as a sound file.

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**you will need to sign up as a member of the site before signing up for the replay**

A ceremony the day before lion's gate to bring your energetic innate Divine Feminine power online so it can become a conscious state in your physical reality and be open to the amplification that this particular gateway will bring.

We will tap into the energy of Lion's Gate and initiate the activations needed to embody and experience the power of your energetic gifts in real, every day life.

This will unlock:
- your innate wisdom further

- clarity of your role in the connection
- memories of your true gifts
- the ability to understand your subconscious power
- the ability to be in flow with the Divine Feminine within
- the ability to tune into the spark that will be your guide on your path (following your inspiration, responding to it instead of needing to initiate things)
- deep inner wisdom that will bring you peace when there is nothing to do but wait for a sign or integrate
- ease and grace through integration
- witness the miracles you call in for yourself

- deeper understanding and trust of what you're receiving from your person's higher self
- inspiration to following your healing and calling further
- a true understand of what it is to be divinely feminine

We will also call in your Divine Masculine and attune your connection tot he next phase of your ascension.

Sign Up for the Replay Here

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