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Manifesting by Design

You can do so many magical things when you start to understand your Human Design blueprint, and using it to align and manifest is one of them! 

This is an e-mail product where you will receive a weekly e-mail for 8 weeks.


Each e-mail is personalized and specific to your Human Design blueprint and will help you learn how to manifest through your design!

Each week you'll receive:

  • a video talking about a specific aspect of the human design natal chart and how it can be used to align and manifest

  • a personalized PDF specific to your human design chart

  • ​journal prompts, activities to learn how to use the energy in your chart, and knowledge you can apply to your life​

You will receive your first e-mail within 48 hours of you signing up and will received 7 more e-mails each week after that. So if you sign up on a Monday, you will receive your first e-mail by Wednesday and then receive the next 7 e-mails every Wednesday after that.

Please double check what you've entered for your date of birth, location of birth, and time of birth (am and pm) as it will effect all the PDFs you receive.

xo Candice

If you find it easier to make payments while participating in the program, you can sign up here:

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