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22 days of learning how to open to the love already inside of you!

  • Daily topic you can read or listen to

  • Reflective questions

  • Tools you can apply to your every day life.

We know that loving ourselves is important and we also know how to love others, but we don’t really know how to love ourselves. 

We were never taught how to love ourselves because the people who raised us didn’t know either.

Everything in this mini course is designed to do just that. To teach you how you can love yourself. You can follow it to a “T” or tweak it a little. Whatever feels best for you! Hint, that’s part of how you love yourself, but we will get to that later.

Loving yourself can be the little things we think like spa days and buying yourself something nice because you deserve nice things too. But it’s also deeper than that.

It requires commitment and dedication to you. Which, in my humble opinion, is the hardest part.

Love is a powerful resource, and you are deserving of reaping all of its benefits.

So in this little course we are going to tackle anything and everything that is blocking you from receiving love, embodying love and mastering the energy of love.

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