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This will be a video recorded reading and currently has a 3 to 7 day turn around time (depending on how booked up I am). You will receive the video link via the email that was provided at the time of purchase. You can choose any amount of add ons, there is no minimum.

If you'd like to get all of these covered in a reading, select the option of the "All Options".  And you save $20.68 by getting the full reading! 

Overall Theme: $8.88 (this is standard in every reading purchase and included in the price)

  • The general theme of this retrograde for you, your person, and the connection

Here is a description of every Add On ($8.88 Each):

Where The Energy Is At

  • Where you're at energetically during this retrograde

What Aspects of Your Life Are Shifting

  • What is shifting for you

Karmic Lessons + Patterns

  • What karmic lessons + patterns are you closing out

What Will Be Surrendered

  • What will be surrendered by you

Past Pain Coming Up To Heal

  • What past pain will come up for you

Emotions Getting In The Way

  • What emotions are getting in the way for you

How Best To Navigate This Energy

  • How you're guided to navigate this energy

Supportive Energy Coming In

  • What will be supporting you the most at this time

What Will Transpire Over The Next 3 Months In The Physical

  • What will transpire for you

Messages from Your Soul Guidance Team

I will pull some messages and channel anything that comes through to help you get an understanding of what is happening for you

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