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Mastering The Energy of Love

Day 5: Permission

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This is a super power.


One of the most loving things you can do for yourself is give yourself permission. We are raised to seek permission. But, we are not raised to live in a state of permission. When we receive permission, we instantly relax. We exhale. We feel good.

Permission Programming

We were taught by our parents that we couldn’t do anything with out permission, and then in school we needed our teachers permission, and then as an employee we needed our boss’s permission. The moment we receive it, we relax, we feel good, we move ahead. Because we were raised this way, we develop an inner narrative that has us struggling with the simplest acts of doing what we need and want for ourselves. We end up wanting to get buy in, acceptance or permission from others to feel good about it.

You’re Allowed

You are a grown ass adult who bares the sole weight of your choices on your shoulders. You’re allowed to make the choices you feel you need to make regardless of what anyone else thinks about them. Give yourself permission to do what ever it is you need to for you. Period. It’s a personal power move, and people with personal power experience more love (and other things but this is about love after all).


Why do you need permission?

Back to the programming and conditioning you experienced. You will still operate from that space while you shift. Until you commit to full autonomy of your life. You need to give yourself permission in order to balance out the part of you that still needs it. You’ll feel guilt or shame or judgement when you need it. You may find yourself seeking acceptance or approval from your closest confidants as a means of getting it.


Giving Yourself Permission

Do it right now if you want to practice. Do it every time you feel doubt or worry about what someone might think about what you’re doing. I find this will happen when you want to rest or eat something you “shouldn’t”. It’s that restrictive energy that causes more issues than you just doing what you need. But, when you open up to the possibility that you’re allowed, it shifts everything.


Can you think of ways in which you still seek permission or approval?

What do you feel you need to have permission for the most?

How do you feel when you receive permission versus when you don’t?

Homework: Start giving yourself permission with little things you might feel guilty about

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