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Mastering The Energy of Love

Day 4: Emotions

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Emotions have more power than we think.

One of the most loving things you can do for yourself is to express and honour your emotions.

I say we think because we often give our power away to the trapping thoughts of the mind, but our very thoughts are actually stimulated by the emotions we feel. So honouring your emotions is a very healthy loving thing to do for yourself. It also helps you gain a greater awareness of you and what makes you tick.

What we feel stimulates our reactions and our thoughts. We aren’t taught how to regulate our emotions or how we feel, we are taught to “fix” them. Bury them. Shove them down or away where they can’t bother us anymore. The issue with that is that they don’t actually go away. They fester and take up root only to periodically cause more stress and anxiety.


Honouring Your Emotions

It’s so important to allow yourself to feel. Let yourself experience the emotion so it can release. It doesn’t matter what the emotion is. When we actually allow ourselves to express emotion without judgement, we release the energy and allow in what feels good. We release and we are stronger for it.

What you feel isn’t bad, and it doesn’t make you a bad person. What you feel is real. And if you allow yourself to acknowledge and accept the feelings you have, you get to move through the experience in a much healthier way.

Why Is This So Hard?

We are often taught that certain emotions are good and certain emotions are bad. If we are angry, or have rage, it’s immediately thought of as bad or we make judgements about ourselves based on what we believe to be true about the emotion. Like if you cry, you’re weak, or if you’re angry, you have issues. But none of that is true, and you deserve to let your emotions free regardless of what they mean to others.

We also struggle with the projected emotions of others, that have caused us pain. So we hold in our feelings because we don’t want to hurt anyone they way we’ve been hurt. The issue with that is that we end up hurting ourselves more.  


Sometimes emotions burst forward when we are in the heat of the moment, understand that this is not intentional no matter how it may seem, and situations like these need to happen to act as a catalyst to trigger a healing phase. Do I feel people should be going around emotionally dumping on others? No. But if it happened and you feel guilty, don’t. The fact that you feel guilty is a sign that it was unintentional and that needed to happen for you and the other people or person so you can heal deeper.

We also experience a lot of emotional denial as kids and teenagers. Emotional outbursts make people uncomfortable, and so we learn not to make people uncomfortable. But this isn’t healthy or loving, so we get to be aware of when we are doing this and decide to shift. 

Expressing Emotions
Emotional expression is as unique as the individual expressing it and it doesn’t have to be done with anyone else.

Before you do any of these, the first thing you can do is accept that you feel how you feel, with out any judgement. This will allow you to open up to letting it rip, so to speak.

Here are some ways you can express how you are feeling:

1.    Scream into a pillow or take a drive to scream in your car
2.    Cry, just cry, however you need, just surrender
3.    Journal
4.    Talk it out with someone you trust can hold space for you without judging or fixing
5.    Break some plates

Love As An Emotion
Love is something that makes a lot of people uncomfortable deep down. Some of you may feel it hard to express that you love someone, or there may be issues around what that means to love someone.

Why Is This So Uncomfortable At Times?
Love is serious. You don’t express love for someone unless you mean it, and a lot of the times we don’t know if that person is worthy of our love or if we are worthy of someone else’s love. Or so we are taught to believe. In our desire to be safe we gave up a lot to the power of the mind, and the mind likes to analyze a lot. Beyond that, from our experiences, love can be painful. We will talk more about the truth behind that later, but some of us are hesitant to entertain the notion of love, so it’s hard to express, even if we feel it.

Expressing Love
Learning to normalize the expression of love will help you open to it’s vibration. Ways that you can express love:

1.    Start with you, learn to express the ways you love yourself (even if it’s just in your head at first)
2.    Tell the people you love, that you love them
3.    Express what you love about your life, things you love to do
4.    Allow the word love to become a familiar word in your vocabulary
5.    Write about love
6.    Do what you love or makes you feel love

Some things just take practice.


How do you feel when you express your love to someone? Do you feel comfortable or hesitant?


How do you feel when someone expresses their love to you?

How do you feel expressing your emotions? What happens when you try?

How can you better express or allow your yourself to feel your emotions?

Homework: How can you practice expressing love more?

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