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Mastering The Energy of Love

Day 2: Energy

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Everything is energy. Everything.

Our words, our thoughts, our emotions, our body, our chair, our couch, our car. Everything.

How you interact with energy is going to tell you a lot about how you experience life now, and more importantly how you experienced life before.

Energy is in constant motion. Energy is an exchange. Love is an energy. You receive it and give it.

You are the gate keeper. But often times you are operating from a place of conditioning rather than a place of knowing. So, understanding what how you interact with the energy of love will tell you a lot about how you experience it.

Kind of like finding out where you are so you can decide where you want to go.

This journey is all about creating shift that will allow us to receive as much love as we give and vice versa.

You will learn how to work with your energy and how to shift your energy into a frequency that will allow you to feel, experience, more love in your every day life.

Mental energy, emotional energy and physical energy tend to make up the reality we experience. Sometimes, when you have a particularly emotional experience, we tend to carry the energy with us.

You don't need to do anything with this right now, or know everything there is to know about energy.


But if you haven't, it will help to understand the nuances of energy and how it affects you.

How we interact with the energy within us and the energy around us will play a big role in how much love you experience in your life.


Intro To Personal Resonance

Your energy is always trying to communicate with you. Understanding how something makes you feel is truly pivotal to understanding where you’re blocked from love. Observing how your energy is responding to something will give you a glimpse as to what you are entertaining energetically, what we entertain and focus on, what we focus on is what we create for ourselves.

More so your personal resonance is like your inner compass. It will help you navigate the world around you in a more intrinsic way.

Sometimes it will show up with a physical feeling or thoughts. But however it shows up your whole being acknowledges its presence.

Like, if something someone says aligns with your truth, you may feel good bumps, or hear a solid yes! in your mind. It goes beyond what you feel comfortable with or what’s familiar, it just “feels” right.

The same as something that doesn’t resonate. You will have an adverse reaction to it. As in, this is not in alignment.

Personal resonance is key to honouring yourself and therefore a big part of self-love.


Can you take the time to understand the energy behind your thoughts, action, words, etc?


Do you understand how your energy communicates with you? (it’s ok if you don’t, this takes time to learn)


Can you think of a time when your personal resonance kicked in? What was that experience like for you?


Homework: Now that you know this, take the time to register how your energy feels at different times.

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