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Mastering The Energy of Love

Day 6: Innocence

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Reclaim your innocence.


One of the most loving things you can do for yourself is to remember that you are innocent. Always.

What is Innocence?

To understand innocence, we first have to look at being conscious versus unconscious. As in, knowing why or not knowing why. While we might be aware what we are doing is right or wrong, we don’t often know why make the choices we make. If you don’t know why, on a deep level you make or made the choices, you’re actually innocent. A lot of our decision making and behaviour comes from our childhood and what we acclimatize to as a means of survival. We are often coming from a place of survival versus intent to harm, and sometimes we intend to harm because we are being defensive out of survival. But when you know better, you do better.

Hindsight Is Not Your Friend

We grow up thinking that hindsight sees 20/20, and it does, but what ends up happening is, judge what we did with the knowledge we have now. As in, you know more about the situation now than you did in the moment. But truly you didn’t know then what you do now, and it sets you up to feel like you should have known better. But what if you didn’t? What if you didn’t actually know better because you were acting or reacting on instinct? Instincts are learned. You are innocent.


Why is this important?

Understanding why you don’t feel innocent is a way to dissolve any blockages to it. Where you’ve been made to feel bad or where your actions have been criminalized is where a blockage to receiving love may lie. When we think we are bad or criminal, we automatically reject love because we haven’t earned it or feel worthy of it deep down.


Reclaiming Your Innocence

It’s really simple. It won’t feel that way at first because there is strong hold on us when it comes to making something right or wrong. Make the decision to be innocent and honour that. Every time something comes up where you feel guilt or shame for something you did, just remind yourself that you were innocent at the time and you were doing the best you could with what information you had available at the time.



Seeing The Innocence In Others

As you begin to accept your own innocence, you’ll be able to see the innocence of others. Now, this doesn’t mean that what happened with others or how you feel isn’t important, it just means you recognize that they are operating from their own wounded place. When you know this, you realize that.

More often than not, they are unconscious. They have no idea why they are operating the way they are. And, just as we were raised, we feel it’s our job to educate them. But in the education, we don’t often see their innocence.


Why is this so hard?

Honestly? Because we think we have to hold others accountable. We have to see them as monsters because of the emotions they brought out in us. But the truth is, we just end up holding onto the pain or judgement, or what have you. We are taught that resolution has to come from outside of us, from someone else. But not only does it not allow us to be responsible for our feelings, etc, but it takes away the power we have to heal ourselves.


Embracing The Innocence In Others

We will get into the forgiveness piece later and will learn more about that but to be able to understand someone else, and sometimes I will have to do this, I often have to view that person or people as a child and recognize that a lot of whatever they're doing or choices are making are from the emotional depth of a wounded child.

So if you’re ready, imagine you’re witnessing the behaviour of a child and how would you approach this situation? You would most likely recognize that a child doesn’t know better. And we are learning more and more that children need space to understand and not be fixed or coached. If you feel called to help the other person out by showing them what they don’t know, feel free. But, they are not your responsibility, we are just here to release any resentment, or judgement we have of them because it blocks us from receiving love. We end up pouring our energy into the feelings we don’t like versus the ones that we do.

And here's the thing, seeing the innocence in others or embracing the innocence in others is not going to come without seeing the innocence and embracing the innocence in you first.

So, if you aren't ready for this space of being able to extend that innocence, it just means that you get to take more time in embracing the innocence in you first and allowing that to take root. 

Then you can come back to this and embrace the in figure out how you want to embrace the innocence and others.


Can you see where your lack of innocence prevents you from feeling loved? Or experience love?

What are some way you can reclaim your innocence?

Can it help you see the innocence in others?

Homework: Accept your innocence, no matter what. 

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