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Mastering The Energy of Love

Day 9: Reception

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How you receive has a lot to do with what you receive.


One of the most loving things you can do for yourself is understand your pattern of receiving. It is through this that you allow yourself to receive love from yourself and others. And also release any way in which you are received with out love.

Perception’s Rules

How we perceive, is how we receive. What you perceive to be true, is what you’ll allow yourself to receive on some level. So understanding how you perceive yourself, the world around you, is going to help you.


How we perceive the world is a biproduct of how we perceive ourselves in some way. Perception is an extension of beliefs. We will see things a certain way based on what we believe to be true.


It gives you an awareness so that if you want to change certain things about your perception, you can.


For instance, how you perceive things, can also tell you about what you expect or don’t expect. It can give you the power to believe that anything is possible or believe that things are impossible.

It is also a reflection of how you perceive yourself in this world and even what you expect from yourself on a more unconscious level.


For example, based on your beliefs you may feel there is only a right and wrong way to do something, and therefore hold yourself to these expectations. It may show up to you as someone doing something the wrong way, but knowing that there are many ways to get to one destination.


What ends up happening is that we end up limiting what we receive or dictating how we should receive.


To add to this perception of someone else based on what you may be judging about them will affect how you receive them, especially if they trigger an emotional reaction in you in some way. You will only be able to receive them from that place versus an open hearted place of detachment.

You Are Worthy of Reception

You are worthy of receiving all you desire, hope, and dream. Even if you have never had that happen, you are worthy of this experience. It has to be a first time sometime so let it be now. It is such a loving thing to recognize your worth, we get into this a little bit later. But for now, it’s important to understand that you can only receive what you allow, and we aren’t taught to open ourselves up to it. Not with out effort or doing something to be receptive anyways.


You are not responsible for how others receive you…

While we are responsible for how we receive, we are not responsible for how others receive us. This can be a sticky wicket because we will more often than not adjust ourselves to accommodate others in the hopes that they will receive us well. But, since we are not them, it’s awfully hard to control that outcome.


The whole treat others how you want to be treated is another gem that leaves you in a deficit. While I don’t feel there is anything wrong with doing that, the expectation of it being reciprocated will leave you feeling less than. If someone doesn’t treat you the same way, you assume it’s because you did something wrong because they didn’t receive you well.


But, the truth is, that how they receive you and the world around them, has everything to do with them, where their at in their life, and how they are perceiving it all. Which, as you know, has nothing to do with you.


When we aren’t received well, it makes us feel like we are wrong, or we aren’t worthy of reception. So nipping this in the bud is going to make you feel so much better about your worthiness.


Learning To Receive With An Open Heart

Decide you want to receive, and actively participate in that decision.


Deciding what you want is super hard sometimes because we don’t want to limit or “get our hopes up”. But when you’re open hearted, anything is possible, and truly it’s only the mind that limits us. Our mind will create the energy of limitation just by believing in it.  If you’ve been subjected to the mysterious ways of the Universe, you will have reference to a point where you can recognize that anything that is meant for you will find it’s way to you no matter what!


So you’re probably wondering what the point of this exercise is, if that’s the case. If everything that’s ours finds it’s way to us, why go through all this?


Simply put, because it feels good. And you deserve to feel good while you’re waiting to receive.


Pay attention to how your energy feels or your body feels or your mind reacts to you speaking about your wants and desires. Observe your conditioned reaction because this will tell you were you may be blocking yourself.


A physical reaction might feel like a pit in your stomach when you’re expressing what you want to receive. This is a sign that you may feel guilt or shame about what you want.


A mental reaction might be where you start doubting or trying logic the possibility like trying to figure out how it will happen or telling yourself that there is no possible way this could happen because of x, y, z.


But once you’re away of your reactions, you can start to work with them and shift yourself into a state of reception.


Receiving with an open heart can look like:


  • Reminding yourself that you are good and worthy

  • Giving yourself permission

  • Accepting where you’re at

  • Being ok with not knowing how things will show up

  • Being grateful and knowing you deserve more

  • Being at peace with how things unfold

  • Allowing things to unfold

  • Following your joy

  • Accepting everything about you, everything


Can you see how your perception of yourself or things in general, may block you from receiving?

Do you find it easier to give love than receive it?

Do you feel you’re worthy of receiving love?

In what ways does your body or mind show you that you may be blocking yourself?

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