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Mastering The Energy of Love

Day 1: Love

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How you define love is how it will show up in your life.


One of the most loving things you can do is determine what love is to you or what you want it to be and if you’ve been engaging with it in that way.


How you define love, is how love will show up in your life. So, understanding what you believe about it and what it is to you will give you the ability to see how it’s showing up in your current life.


The energy of love, if described, is going to feel different for every person feeling it. It could be a physical feeling, an emotional feeling. Like you feel your whole body light up, or you feel complete peace.


The energy of love is all around us and in us and is accessible at all times. It’s only through our blockages and wounds do we deny ourself the experience of feeling it and embodying it.



What Is Love?

Is it a feeling? Is it an act? Is it an experience? What is it?


Some people will tell you its how something or someone makes you feel. Some people will say it’s an act or action you take, as in, what you do or don’t do is out of love. Some say it’s an experience, feeling loved by someone or being in love with someone.


What you understand about love will tell you a lot about your expectations of it and how you interact with it.

Beliefs About Love

We are born in love, as pure love and what we learn about love as we grow up changes what love actually is to us. Not only do you learn through experiences about what love is, but you absorb and take on other people’s beliefs about it. So, witnessing how your parents are, experiencing your first relationship and everyone’s idea of it in between is going to influence your idea of love.


The only thing that is going to bring you any peace is to define what love is for you and to you. It is through this that you can determine how you want and need love to show up for you. When you know that, you will stop comparing and assuming and expecting when it comes to love, and you then just get to be it.


So the idea here, is to understand what you’ve learned about love and decide whether that actually make you feel love or not.


Worthiness of love an issue?

What determines someone’s worthiness of love? We are all worthy of it no matter what but that’s not really what we experience.


We experience conditional love. We are shown love if you we behave, not so much if we don’t. We are loved when we get approval from others based on what we look like or what we’ve done.


This issue with this is that we are then conditioned to hold ourselves in the energy of conditional love. We are our toughest critics so we tend to be hard on ourselves and punish ourselves with criticism or denying ourselves loving comfort and acceptance.


You may push yourself in a way, like if I just do this or finish this or accomplish this, I’ll be worthy. We get into value another day but this is food for thought right now.



Loving Yourself First

Well if you’re reading this, you’re already onto this concept but I want to talk about why loving yourself first is beneficial for everyone else too.


  • You have more to give when you feel loved

  • Your cup overfloweth, so it extends to everyone else and they feel the vibrational energy of it

  • You’re less likely to take things personally

  • You’re able to have more compassion for others

  • You can be supportive without getting overly involved

  • You don’t get caught up in anyone’s drama

  • You’ll find happiness and joy in the little things

  • You’ll enjoy your life more

  • You’ll have a positive outlook and be open to limitless possibilities

  • You heal faster, physically, emotionally, mentally

  • You’ll feel more empowered

  • You’re more likely to have your needs met, as you’ll be the one meeting them

  • You’ll be less dependent on others to meet your needs

  • You’ll establish healthier boundaries

  • You’ll get to have deeper, stronger, connections and experiences with others because you’re allowing yourself to not only operate from a more loving space but you’re more open to receive that depth from others.


What does the energy of love feel like to you?

What is love to you? What are your beliefs about it?

Do those beliefs make you feel love or do they limit how you receive and experience love?

What do you like most about learning to love yourself first?

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