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Twin Flame + Divine Connection Blueprint


We explore the characteristics of your human incarnations, interaction tendencies, and healing purposes for yourselves, each other and the collective.


Because this is channeling + research work and not a program creation, they will take time to create. They are unique and hand crafted so to speak, one of a kind. They are deep personal channelings that will give you an in depth understanding of what your connections purpose is in this life time.


They will speak to the shadow/karma, the shifts needed, and the gifts it has to offer. Each channeled section will explain the nuances of what the interactions and energy are here for and why they take the shape they do.


We look at the self, the pair, and then the collective.

What I will need from you:

  • your date of birth, location of birth, and time of birth

  • your person's date of birth and location of birth (not their time)

This is a voice recorded channeling + activation. We explore the natural flow of the energy between you in regard to certain aspects of your lives and your connection. We dig into what healing purpose, gifts, and how it affects the collective. Each pair has a designated purpose in what we are healing and shifting in the world, as well as with each other.

Each Section:

Human Conscious Natural State + Shift


What Needs to Be Brought Forward from the Subconscious


Natural catalyst to healing


Benefits + Gifts of this energy for the two of you and the collective

Activations + Clearing received in the reading

Each weekly special will be $55 for each!

Week of February 7th Special - $55

The Activator 

          Purpose behind the energy (how it affects each of you and the collective)

          Your connections activator, push to healing, benefits


Week of February 14th Special - $55

The Ferrier

          How it affects emotional growth and stimulation, emotional collective       



Week of February 21st Special - $55

The Vehicle

          Attraction, activations, healing physically


Week of February 28th Special - $55

The Innocence

          What childhood wound nuances you're both here to overcome and what

           healing them does

Week of March 7th Special - $55

The Sound

          Physical + telepathic (energetic) communication, communication blockages


Week of March 14th Special - $55

The Purity

          Discovery of blockages to love, how the connection helps you transcend

          and your connection's love language


Week of March 21st Special - $55

The Spark

          How you activate, inspire and motivate the other's growth

Week of March 28th Special - $55

The Rebellion

          What causes the most friction and how it is a catalyst for change


Week of April 4th Special - $55

The Wisdom

          How will you each mature through the connection, and how will the

          connection mature over time


Week of April 11th Special - $55

The Dream

           What kind of work are you doing in your dreams together and some intuitive

            or psychic abilities

Week of April 18th Special - $55

The Awakening

          How you chose to wake up and what are some of the important ascension

           planes you're going through


Week of April 25th Special - $55

The Transformation

          How the connection is helping you transform and what lessons are the most

          important right now


Week of May 2nd Special - $55

The Trajectory

          The path you chose for your connection in this lifetime and it's focus


Week of May 9th Special - $55

The Serendipitous

          What will come with ease, or bring ease of manifestation with the connection


Week of May 16th Special - $55

The Destined

          Important times, connections, and destined points that were preplanned and

          the impact they will have


Week of May 23rd Special - $55

The Mission

          The missions that are part of helping the twin flame collective and humanity


Week of May 30th Special - $55

The Public Work

          The work you are already doing together, the work you may do together


Week of June 6th Special - $55

The Past

          What you're healing from your past lives together, what karma and painful

          experiences you chose to heal in this lifetime

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