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Subscription Readings

The daily readings will be picture and text. The weekly and monthly readings will be a prerecorded video.


This reading is great for those would like a guided message from spirit, as well as guidance and "homework" if necessary. On a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Spots are limited so it will be first come, first serve for now.

Daily Readings

Are what every your soul guidance team would like you to know for the day. May be a pep talk, can be the answer to a question if need be, but always what you will need for that day.

$5.55 one of purchase

$2.22 per day ($15.54 minimum 7 days at a time).

$45 if you purchase 30 days at a time ($22 savings)


Weekly Readings

Are a forecast of the week and will focus on what you need to know for that week. And you'll receive on the Monday of every week. Challenges, support, events, etc.

$24.24 one of purchase

$15.15 per week. ($46.62 minimum 3 weeks at a time)

$44 if you purchase 4 weeks at a time ($16.60 savings - more than a week free!)

Monthly Readings

Are a forecast of the month and you will received within the first week of every month you're subscribed.

$77 on of purchase

$55 per month ($111 minimum 2 months at at time)

$135 if you purchase 3 months at a time ($35.00 savings)

Once ordered, I will contact you to receive any specific questions you may have.

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