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Path to Peace Guidance Packages


One on one sessions for channeled guidance on your path to peace. Each package is tailored to the client and will center around finding peace in these turbulent times.


I use my psychic intuition and knowledge of human design to understand the alchemy of the experiences you're having. This allows me to help you understand your experience and break down the barriers to your own mastery. The whole purpose of these sessions is to help you reclaim your power so you can remember the bad ass you are and learn how to navigate your own system and life. My gift is to witness the subconscious undertone or parts of your narrative that are sabotaging, so they can be brought forward for reconciliation. 

I specialize in divine connections (twin flames) so if this is the journey you're on, this is a safe space. I also love to work with those who want to understand how to embody more love in their life, whether it's to love life more, to love themselves more, to love the people in their life in a healthy way.

Every package begins with a 60 minute live one on one session to discover your core needs - $125 (paid at the time of booking)


Package Building:

  • Packages start with a minimum of 3 sessions and can be spread out over a reasonable amount of time

  • they will need to be paid for up front for or an agreed upon payment plan at the time of the first session put in place (in this package - not the discovery session) - price will depend on the amount of sessions needed and booked

  • Weekly/bi-weekly sessions tailored to your needs ($111 - 60 minute sessions within the package)

  • Tools and take aways to help you in your day to day life

  • E-mail/What's App access while the package is active

  • Custom printable PDF workbook/journal for the sessions

If you prefer to just have monthly guidance session and pay by the month (without the package) please visit my Patreon account as there is a monthly subscription guidance available there:

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