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Path To Self Stand Alone - $88

  • Path to self reading section

Full Path To Union Reading - $222

  • Full video recorded reading

Path to Union Metaphysical Aspects


This will be a channeled PDF report based on yours, your persons, and the connections natal charts. The charts of astrology, human design, gene keys, numerology, and mayan dreamspell.

Path to Union With Self

  • Your Venus sequence

    • a specific sequence that unlocks your connection to the energy of love.​

Path to Inner Union

  • Trust issues, unconscious resistance + how you can resolve them

  • Support their higher self is offering you

  • How you can receive and be more open to receive from them

  • Their gifts and skills you can utilize

  • How they communicate with you now

  • Messages from them to you

Path to Physical Union

  • Events or situations currently taking place for each of you in the physical

  • Purpose of those events or situations and how they are actually helping

  • Any fears + resistance to union that needs to come up

  • How to best overcome, heal and shift your physical understanding of union

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