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Fighting The False Authority Within

Better late than never right? We are a couple days into this energy and some of you have been feeling it for about a week. Welcome to rebellious movement of self love and self embodiment.

I won't lie, the Lilith asteroid is making some big moves, so much so that she's overshadowing a lot of this gate's energy and also single-handedly helping us with it. We cannot feel the depths of our experiences until we free ourselves from the internal cage of our conditioning.

The sun enters Gate 18 September 27th and stays there until October 2nd. It's aligning with the Aries full moon on the 29th, and dishing up some much needed courage to overcome any aspect of you that is stuck coloring within the lines, the part of you that is super judgmental trying to make you fit into a life that was never yours by design. Life's about to get messy and you're more likely to enjoy it than not.

A Battle of the Wills

This is no cake walk, in order for us to reach a state of rebellion either within ourselves or without, we need to get to a point where we can't take it anymore. Whatever it may be for you.

We are, in essence, fighting our conditioning and programming. The automatic responses we have to life around us. The ways in which we were taught to behave and live in the world.

For some this will be feeling so sick and tired of doing what you're doing, putting up with what you're putting up with, living with what you're living with, that you have no choice but to rebel.

What we don't realize is that so much of what holds us back is what we are worrying about. What if I do the thing I want? What if I let myself be happy or joyful? What if I just do the thing??

The battle between what you've always done because you believed you had to and what you're no longer willing to tolerate, beliefs be damned.

Who is really in charge of your life? Anywhere you say I can't, you are more likely going to say, I have to. It's no longer an option. Something has to change, and it might as well be me for the better, type energy.

We only really deny ourselves or give ourselves permission through the lens of judgment. Is your judgement serving you? Where is your judgment limiting you in life?


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When Judgement No Longer Serves

Here's the thing, we need judgement. We use it to assess people, scenarios, environments. It's how we manage what we are experiencing. It's not always necessary but sometimes it is, especially if we are trying to understand something better. To gage and compare, the left brain people will use this often to define what's logical for them.

Judgement only becomes a bad thing when it incites separation from a place of insecurity or lack. You can assess that you are different than someone and may need to use judgement to do so, but if it has formed a hierarchy of value from a conditioned program, it is going to create separation. Where one of you is better than or less than the other. But if it's used from a place of understanding, it creates acceptance of you and the other person, allowing for a healthy experience between you.

Judgement is something that we are conditioned in from a very, very young age. Like toddler age. And depending on who is doing your conditioning, you learn how to judge yourself, and then project that judgement outside of you toward others. This energy isn't about what others are doing. This energy is about understanding how you learned to use judgement against yourself based on what you're experiencing in the world around you.

This energy cycle is helping us all make sense of the inner critic and realize where we've given our authority to it, innocently and unconsciously. We all have innate wisdom within us just waiting to come forward and guide us, but it's hard sometime when are defense mechanisms take over and prioritize safety over peace. There is a lot to unpack with that in the form of our subconscious programming but maybe that's a post for another time.

We need to judge to assess, we do not need to judge to defend.

That's implying you have anything you need to defend. And since there isn't actually anything wrong with you, despite the judgement of your inner critic or others, there's no need to engage. This energy is helping us remember that we are innocent. We are allowed to take up space. We are allowed to express.


Spiritual Overlay + Self Condemnation

I had this experience recently where I felt I was disrespected. I could look at it in a way that I know I wasn't disrespected on purpose or intentionally by this person. They were just being themselves in whatever moment they were having.

But it upset me. I was sad and angry about it. But I understood this person didn't disrespect me on purpose. So I judged myself for feeling how I felt. But, then, I was like, no, I'm allowed to feel how I feel. I'm not projecting on this person. I'm not firing back at this person. I'm not even defending myself with this person. I'm just feeling. And, I'm allowed to. It doesn't make me less evolved or less healed to feel. We don't just stop feeling because we can see things from the other person's perspective.

We are taught to find someone to blame through judgment. But what if neither of us were to blame? What if both of our behaviors were innocent. Honestly, if it bothered me enough, I would have said something, but it didn't. I just had a feeling in a moment. And the fact that I understood, meant I could let it go. But I'm no longer willing to judge myself for feeling what I do. Yes I'm sensitive and it makes me the person I am, who I love.

Do you tend to hold yourself to an unrealistic standard because you are more awake or more conscious? Compassion and empathy still applies to you and the learning curve you're on.

In what ways do you find yourself judging you?


Judgement by Energy Type

I want to break down how the energy of judgement shows up for each type so you may see how it unconsciously, and covertly shows up for you (based on your type).

As a Generator/Manifesting Generator, you're going to have experiences that come to you that make you respond with judgement. You're going to understand judgement based on how you respond to the experiences you have. Are you reacting with judgment? Why are you judging it? What does it have to do with what you're engaging in?

As a Manifestor, you're going to talk about things that bring out judgement in you. You will be able to witness your judgement based on what you're speaking about or wanting to talk about in a judgmental way. Who or what are you talking about? Why does it bother you? How is it affecting you? What you're internally judging will show up in the things or people you're judging in your life.

As a Projector, you're going to witness judgement in others that will trigger the judgement in you. What you are scrutinizing others for, is what you're secretly judging within yourself or holding against yourself. What are you judging in others? What kind of unrealistic standards do you hold yourself to?

As a Reflector, what you take on from others is going to bring out the judgement in you. You will want to be certain about someone or something that makes you feel uneasy. What you find you need to be certain about or judge people for is what you're carrying belief wise?

How you navigate this energy will be based on your inner authority - the one you truly want to pay attention to!


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I hope this helps you! Please share if you think it will help someone else you know!

Lots of Love,


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