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Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon in Libra visits us on March 28th, 2021. You may feel the effects of it a few days before, and a few days after.

There is still a lot of polarity in the Twinflame collective so this Full Moon in Libra will help it come into awareness which will initiate a much needed shift. It will seem like there is a division in the collective, but we are actually reconciling the division in ourselves.

Where we project that others, on this journey or even our Divine Counter Part are separate from us because they are "choosing" differently, we will see we are amplifying the separation of our selves from our own truth.

Where we needed to polarize or label in order to belong, we will shift into acceptance of self, and therefore acceptance of others.

Where we needed to believe that there is only one true way, and categorized anyone outside of that (including our Divine Counter Parts) as wrong, we will now see that there are many paths to the same destination and we all, even as individuals of the pair, have our personal path to conquer.

What we are asking about with this full moon:

  • What is being surrendered that was creating imbalance in your life

  • What can you do to support this energy

  • How will it bring you balance and peace at this time

  • How it will affect your connection with your Divine Counter Part

Here are the Zodiac Full Moon in Libra Taroscopes:

(don't forget to check your Moon, Rising and Venus as well if you are more in that energy right now)


Aries (March 21 to April 19)

This full moon is helping you surrender procrastination. We often procrastinate because we fear an outcome of some kind. If I don't go for it, I can't fail, be rejected, etc.

You can support this energy by only seeing love. Love for yourself, for your effort, for your ideas and choice. You can let go of past errors, mistakes or worry that you will repeat it. You are new, so your experiences will be too.

It will bring you a new sense of self, and acceptance and therefore, inner peace like you've never known. Imagine what it will be like to dive into something for the pure joy of it. Let go of the outcome and love yourself through.

It will affect your connection in a positive way, like most of these shifts. Once you are able to free yourself of the blockages of fear based decisions, it allows energetic flow of all kinds in your life, including the energy of the connection. It will also allow you experience your connection from a place of love and inner peace vs worry and fear of what if.


Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

This full moon is helping you surrender to your soul's path. It seems like some of you may being going through another layer of refinement to release anything that keeps you from honoring yourself. This may be an eruption of emotions that have been suppressed.

You can support this energy by asking your soul guidance team for help. This could be with navigating where you aren't sure about things, or anywhere you making choices out of fear or judgement from others.

It will bring you a new sense of self restraint. Not the kind where you restrict and judge yourself for how you are feeling or the fact that maybe you let things bottle up because feelings...are well, inconvenient sometimes. More of an acceptance that this happened and perhaps even making time or space to allow yourself to express in the moment in some way so it doesn't bottle up. Every day is a new day, and with a new day comes new opportunities to do what you need to for you.

It will affect the energy of your connection most. When we bottle things up it can be felt between counter parts in the connection, even if it can't be articulated. So as you free up your stagnant emotions, the healthy emotions of the connection will flow through too.


Gemini (May 21 to June 21)

This full moon is helping you surrender to play. Your balance will come from being able to take a rest and do something for fun. Whenever you're feeling over worked, mentally or otherwise it will be a sign to do something playful.

You can support this energy by day dreaming. I know, like what? LOL But it's true, there is nothing more fun then spacing out a little and fantasizing about the things you want. This also allows your mind, and energy to be in a receptive state versus and active one.

It will bring you a sense of inner calm to match the outer calm you may be trying to project. There is a lot of energy being bottled up in this cycle for all signs but if you can balance your work and play life, you won't feel it as deeply.

It will affect your connection in a positive way, like most of these shifts. There is a sense of relinquishing control of everything to poor energy into serving all aspects of yourself. When we release control, we are open and ready to receive. The more balanced you are in the aspects of your life, the better your connection will feel.


Cancer (June 22 to July 22)

This full moon is helping you surrender to effortlessness. I feel this is more about your physical body and how you...well...embody it. When you can enter a state of acceptance and well-being as is, you will be able to embrace feeling good in your own skin.

You can support this energy by seeing the changes in how you think and feel about it. Like how different situations will come up where you will want to compare, or feel bad, but in this moment you are given an opportunity to be aware and make a choice. All the changes coming for you are divinely guided.

It will bring you a new sense of others, and more so, how you would normally interact with them. You'll be able to tell if you are feeling insecure around someone, and if the insecurity is coming from within or, being projected onto you from without. So just be, trust, and be in flow, you are beautiful inside and out. And, so is your body.

It will affect your connection in a positive way, like most of these shifts. Physical intimacy can be an important part of the connection, and sometimes it's not one Twinflames struggle with. However, when we feel awful about our physical form it affects our confidence and our ability to see how worthy we are of a love like this. Sometimes, that blocks us from connecting to the soul aspect of this connection too, and sometimes our connection to Source is affected as well.


Leo (July 23 to August 22)

This full moon is helping you surrender to the beauty of the natural world. There were a lot of cards speaking to you being out in nature, and with the change in season upon us, it may be the perfect time. Nature is here to replenish you.

You can support this energy by getting fresh air. Going for walks, hikes, sitting in the sun, sitting with the trees, or just letting the breeze hit your face. I feel this will help transmute any stagnant energy you've built up recently.

You may have become a little dependent on isolation and closing yourself up in some way. So this full moon will help you shift out of any attachment you have to your current routines.

It will affect your connection in a positive way, like most of these shifts. This will offer clarity of a different kind, from a calm and peaceful place will the answers come. You may be able to connect directly to your Divine Counter Part, or have a little more clarity in regards to your connection or things you have been stumped about in the fog of the past little while.


Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

This full moon is helping you surrender frustration. You'll feel the diplomatic energy of Libra, especially in regards to any issues you've been experiencing with your family.

You can support this energy by examining the emotional experiences you're having with your family right now, or in he recent past. This will tell you a lot about where you may be putting their needs first and how you really feel about that at this time in your life.

It will bring you a new sense of understanding your deep need to people please and how it requires balance in order to feel truly fulfilling. Like sometimes you need to please yourself first and replenish and then go back to the good fight.

It will affect your connection in a positive way, like most of these shifts. Anywhere you've felt subservient to the connection or your counterpart, or you've rejected the entire notion, you will begin to see how the emotional response pattern has affected your interactions with your person. And this will allow you to be a little more balanced in response to their energy.


Libra (September 23 to October 23)

This full moon is helping you surrender your need to always be right. And since it's full of your primal energy, you will feel this energy strongly. This is more in reference to hanging onto old ideations that maybe don't serve your present and future dreams. You can change your mind and still be right.

You can support this energy by letting go of your past. It no longer exists and even though it served you well, you have changed, so the thoughts, feelings and beliefs will need to change along with you.

It will bring you a new sense of empowerment when it comes to making your dreams a reality. If you've been trying to make these dreams happen the old way, any old way you've done in the past, you may struggle more than you need to. So open up, if you can, to new ways of doing things, because it will pay dividends.

It will affect your connection in a positive way, like most of these shifts. This also means letting go of anything that happened between you before. Letting go of needing to be the one in the right, or the one to hold all the pain to bring up for judgement. You are allowed to let it go and experience a new physical reality with your person, especially if you've learned what you need to from it. You get to do that, I promise.


Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)

This full moon is helping you surrender low self esteem or even let go of anything or anyone that brings that out in you. You deserve love and your dreams, and anything that opposes that in your mind must be surrendered.

You can support this energy by using the element of water to wash away anything no longer serving the act of loving yourself or allowing yourself to be loved. Ocean water is the most powerful but a hot bath or shower will do.

It will bring you clarity around in regards to the energy you've absorbed from others and even maybe the influence of the energy belonging to the people around you. Like if you were having fun and the person next to you shoots you down because they are annoyed that you are having fun and they aren't. Or sharing their concerns for you because you seem so happy, etc. To be aware of what is yours and what is a projection.

It will affect your connection in a positive way, like most of these shifts. Discernment is hugely gratifying and so is high self esteem. But often we can't find our way to loving ourselves while we allow how other act towards us to dictate our worthiness of it. So this will help you know your worth and not see your counter part's behaviour as a direct correlation to the love you feel deep down. It will also help the two of you navigate the energy of the people in your lives.


Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

This full moon is helping you surrender to the art of being a living, breathing, human being of perfection. To honour and embody a state of just being. This may be difficult due to your restless need to expand, but as you sit still, you expand within. There is nothing wrong with moving your body, feel into why you are moving it. Are you creating flow and connection or are you running away with your thoughts?

You can support this energy by being open to the Divine guidance you are receiving. You may need fresh air or nature in order to be open to receive, but messages will be potent at this time. Try to feel them versus logic them if you can.

It will bring you a new sense of physical self. There may be some of you who struggle with the acceptance of the perfection that you are right now, in this moment. No improvements needed. Expansion and improvement is not the same thing and this full moon will help you feel the truth in that.

It will affect your connection in a positive way, like most of these shifts. When you can sit with yourself and your Divine connection to source, you open up to allowing things as they are without judgment. This will allow you to receive your highest truth and also help to embody a better understand of what has been happening between the two of you.


Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

This full moon is helping you surrender the stress of worrying about time. Divine Timing is at work and certain things need to play out before you can get to where you want to be. You will appreciate it, the delay, the outcome will be richer for it.

You can support this energy by accepting where you are and how far you've come. Recognizing that just because you physical reality doesn't reflect it yet, it doesn't mean that it's been for not. Take time to see all you've done for you and how it's affected you, you may be delightfully surprised.

It will bring you a new opportunity to rise above your current circumstances. To shift away from any low vibe beliefs, behaviours, pessimism, blockages that won't allow you to receive your abundance. Things are shifting, trust that with every step you take, it has purpose.

It will affect your connection in a positive way, like most of these shifts. Once you shift out of the energy that truly is just keeping you stuck, you'll be able to feel the purity of your connection and allow it to fuel the next leg of your journey. Like a prisoner set free from a crime they never committed, you're going to feel like the awful illusions of your connection are a thing of the past and you have no where to go but up.


Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

This full moon is helping you surrender comparison, which, I understand is not your natural forte. However, you may be comparing things like how good can your future be if your past was full of "bad" decisions. There is also an energy of comparing your upbringing to others, and of course, comparing your path chosen to others.

You can support this energy by understanding there is nothing wrong with you, or your upbringing, or your choices. That there is nothing to worry about when it comes to you. Your life has been Divinely orchestrated and you are perfect as is.

It will bring you a new sense of embodying all of you in order to truly be present. The past can be formidable because on many levels, it's tangible and real since it has already happened. Everyone's path has been interesting and arduous at this point, so embrace it and let it flow through at the same time. Release the attachment through acceptance.

It will affect your connection in a positive way, like most of these shifts. This shift will allow you to embrace what has happened and completely let it go so that you aren't comparing what happened then to what is happening now. To know that a new experience is available and that you're worthy of the positivity it has to offer.


Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

This full moon is helping you surrender any form of defensiveness or the need to defend yourself, your actions, your choices. Even the need to explain yourself. There is no need, as you owe nothing, unless you're doing it for you.

You can support this energy by having energy work done or doing energy work on yourself. There may be some deep childhood stuff that makes you feel like you need to justify your choices and this full moon energy can act like a catalyst for a final release.

It will bring you a new phase to enter. This is the end of this long phase you've been in, where you will be able to move a little more fluidly within the realm of your consciousness. The hard aspects of your protective subconscious will start to reveal itself to you so you can be more clear.

It will affect your connection in a positive way, like most of these shifts. The shift to release will allow you to feel more empowered by your connection and less subservient to it. You will be feel more like its a key component to your expansion and allow the purity of the energy to be a driving force, rather trying to make sense of it's physical existence right now.


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