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Human Design: Expansion of the Emotional Authority

an emotional woman in a bath tub dealing with her emotional authority


47% of the human population has an emotional inner authority. To me, this makes a lot of sense because at this point in time in our evolution, we need the connection to our emotions in order to shift and create permanent change. Are you one of them?

You could be a Generator, a Manifesting Generator, a Projector, or a Manifestor. If you have a defined solar plexus, you have a human design emotional authority.

If you want to know more about Human Design, I have a little snippet here.

There is a generalized concept of how this authority works, and I will speak to that, but being an emotional authority myself, I'd like to add in my take on the whole experience. I struggled a little bit to understand the generalized terms of this and I do believe it has a lot to with how awake to yourself you are. There is no hierarchy here with this or judgment, just a deeper awareness of yourself and how you operate internally.

Everyone has an inner authority that they can use to help them make the decisions that serve their path in the highest light and resonance.

the bouncy balls in a box with a little child peaking through

What is it to be an Emotional Authority?

People with an emotional authority tend to have a lot of emotional energy moving through them through out the day. If this is you, you project outward and share your emotional energy with others. It's a natural thing that you don't really have control over so don't worry too much about that. Just honor that it's a gift, because even though we weren't taught this, emotions are a gift. They carry so much power in them and we all yearn to feel.

Those of us that are emotional authorities are actually a lot more grounded in our emotions. For me, it takes a LOT for me to emote - it takes a lot for me to cry, it takes a lot for me to get angry. We feel all kinds of things through out the day so it takes a lot express or release the emotion. Contrary to popular belief we are rarely emotionally reactive and we are not even really "emo". We feel a lot, and we understand emotions but other people or situations won't really bother us unless we are overflowing.

The analogy I like to give is, imagine you have a box of bouncy balls and those bouncy balls are bouncing all over the place. And then you throw one more bouncy ball into the box and it really doesn't do much, it just adds to the mix. But throw like 10 more bouncy balls, there may be emotional overflow.

All this to say, don't let the label confuse you for what being an emotional normally means. You have an intimate connection with emotion and you can actually use this to your benefit!

Predominantly you can use your emotional authority to help you make decisions and know what's good for you, especially if you don't have all the information. It's your way of sensing the energy of something through the feeling of the emotion.

The General Consensus

The general idea is that you need to sleep on it or wait until the emotion clears before you can be clear about what's good for you or not. Kind of like trying to see something at the bottom of the pool but the water is distorting what you can see. You need to drain the pool (move out the emotion) so you can see clearly.

Often people will feel a "clunk" and then things will be clear to them - that means you felt what you needed to feel and can "think clearly".

deep in the water looking up and seeing the sun shining through the top of the water

The Expansion of the Emotional Authority

This is how I feel we are meant to utilize our emotional authority, especially because I know it works a lot better for me than waiting for things to clear or the emotion to drain. It feels better for me to work with my emotions and understand what they are trying to tell me about things.

This by no means is about rushing the process but your emotions are very telling. How you feel about something almost instantaneously will tell you whether its' right for you or not. And btw, meh is a feeling lol... and so is do i have to?

The reason emotional authorities are guided to wait is because the brain will try to understand what emotion you're feeling by giving you a reason why you feel the way you do, but it only has past experiences and examples to work from. So basically it will try to match a memory with the feeling you're feeling to give you an idea about what you're sensing emotionally. You're not meant to assume that what you're feeling about it is that, but it will be ok to understand that there may be a parallel here too and it will help you make your decision.

I'll give you an example. You get invited to meet up with friends to have dinner. You get a feeling of disappointment, you brain reminds you of the last time you went to dinner with friends and you were disappointed about the experience. At this moment, your answer would be no - and not because things will be exactly like they were the last time you went out - but because your energy is telling you that you will not enjoy yourself if you go. Why you might not enjoy yourself could be all kinds of reasons - bad food, bad atmosphere, someone's in a bad mood, vibrational mismatch, upset tummy. Maybe it's an outdoor patio and it will unexpectedly rain that day. Whatever the reason, as things are in the moment, they aren't a fit for you and what's actually good for you.

a woman with her hand on her head, looking in the mirror at herself, contemplating life

Don't Do It

Don't talk yourself out of honoring how you feel. Your feelings are meaningless and they provide with you so much information and help you make decisions. You don't need to be mentally clear, you just need to trust how you feel and since we aren't really taught that, it feels like an uphill battle some days.

You are going to want to justify how you feel, defend how you feel, or make sense as to why you feel the way you do. Don't do it. Your brain is not designed to comprehend the complexity of energetic sensing.

And I get it, how do you know this isn't a wound or the protective ego? Because your emotions are instinctual and initiating. They aren't curated by thought - they trigger thought, not the other way around. You aren't feeling this way because something or someone reminded you of something or triggered you. You're feeling this way because your inner authority is trying to communicate with you.

So trust that your emotions are giving you the feelings you need to understand your experience.

Some Reflections + Exercises

  1. Test out this theory - start observing how you feel in response to things - you can journal about this if it's easier to process this way

  2. Think about a time you had a "bad" feeling about something but participated anyways - how did things go for you?

  3. Think about a time you had a "good" feeling about something and participated - how did things go for you?

  4. Think about a time you had "good" feelings about something and talked yourself out of it - what transpired?

I hope that this has helped!

Lots of love,



If you'd like to learn more about your own Human Design , I offer sessions here!

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