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Human Design, Gene Keys, Astrology, Numerology...oh my!

So today's post is a little bit of a personal share. I want to share with you my experience with metaphysical systems and why I love them so much. I know people can take them or leave them depending on the experiences they've had, but for me it's allowed me to establish a solid base line for what I know to be true in my heart about myself.

I know that some people feel they are painted into a corner and think they have to be one way or another because a system told them so, but that's not how I see it. I see it as a tool to affirm for me what I need to know about myself and really lean into expanding and growing from that place. Nothing is ever really written in stone and you can evolve with any foundational information.

I primarily use it with my clients as a tool to help them embrace who they are on an authentic level and to empower them in owning all that they are so they can take on anything in life. I'm legit skimming over things so it's not too long of a read, but if something tickles your fancy, I highly recommend learning more about it for yourself.


We Begin With Numbers...

I remember dabbling a little bit with Astrology when I was in high school and maybe a little bit after high school but nothing really major until 2014. I worked in a corporate setting as a receptionist and I remember googling, 'is there more to life than this?'. I felt like I was meant for more and I didn't know who to ask, so I asked google lol

It took me to a lot of places, including an article about the golden handcuffs which was eye opening to say the least for me! But furthermore, it took me to I entered in my full name at birth and my date of birth and this automated, computerized voice started talking about me like it knew me. But it wasn't just saying anything. It was saying things about me that I knew in my heart to be true but never really experienced in my life with other people or otherwise. It sparked a little bit of hope in me. Just a tiny one. One that I would feed little by little until I really woke up in 2018 (that's a story for another time).

According to this website I was meant for more! And it may or may not have called me out on a few things I dared not admit about myself too. I remember doing up little numerology reports for everyone at work because it made me feel good so why not do this for other people??? lol I voraciously soaked up anything I could learn about it and shared it with others. This was the first time I got to see other people light up when I shared what was coming up with this system based on numbers. It was the first time I got to see people feel seen and heard and recognized, and it felt soo soo good.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the belief that all of life's events are defined by the mystical relationship between you and your life numbers (an explanation from how stuff works). Every letter of your name corresponds with a number and every number has a meaning. You have core components like your Life Path, Destiny, Soul Urge, Birthday, and Expression. There is much more to it, and most people get loads of information from their life path alone, but those items are the base subsets of data that are derived from your full name at birth and your date of birth. Numbers summed down to a specific number that represents a core aspect of your life.


Patterns in the Stars....

This took me to exploring Astrology and my natal chart. To be clear there are all kinds of versions of Astrology and for the sake of simplicity I'm going to refer to tropical as this is the one I'm most familiar with.

To say that I felt like my whole life was a lie when I discovered there is more to me than my Sun sign, is an understatement. Remember I knew a little bit about Astrology. I knew sun signs. lol That was my little bit. Anywho, when I discovered that there is a moon sign that governs my inner emotional self and a rising sign and a Venus sign and so on and so forth... mind blown! I was like my whole life has been a lie!!! Because the moon sign information fit and so did a lot of other stuff. There is so much to comprehend about astrology that I just don't have the time or space to talk about it here. I have a friend who has been seriously into it since she was like 11 and she's still learning stuff 30 years later.

Most people know about Astrology, and if you're curious I encourage you to look into it! In fact, with all the things I talk about in this article. I'll leave some links of the places I like to look for information. But, astrology taught me about the timing in life and how the planetary movement affects us and how we can live into that.

I still use astrology for so much of what I do when working with clients or even wanting to understand the energy behind things. I still use it to fortify the belief I have in myself and my path. But there is still so much I don't really know about it! It's a good thing there are so many people out there who do!


Where Science Meets Magic...

Ok, I know that numerology and astrology have their own layer of science, but, Gene Keys and Human Design take this experience to a whole new level for me. And for a lot of people. They are separate systems but for my little galactic brain actually work quite well together. They both represent the physical application of one's conscious evolution but in different ways.  Now, here's the deal, I don't often know how to explain exactly what these systems are. They are so all encompassing for me that's really hard to define, so I'm going to talk about how I use them.

Gene Keys

I'm going to start with gene keys because I discovered it first. I sampled it a bit, then discovered human design and realized they actually go together. Gene keys understood the expansiveness of our experience here on this planet. It helped me understand how much more to my consciousness there is, including how the subconscious can play a role in my life.

There are 64 keys that carry a specific energy characterized to provide the tools we need to evolve as a human being.

Gene keys didn't shy away from the shadow aspect of life and really taught me to observe my conditioning and programming - the stuff i learned as a little child that I thought everyone did - or the things I did as a reaction or response out of safety. I loved the way it talked about how once you've observed the shadow you can shift into the gift of the energy you were born with. It actually tells you the exact thing you need to do to shift! It has incarnation paths to follow in regard to your genius, your love, and your pearl. It also has some fascinating things like codon rings and the association to amino acids. Like astrology and human design there's a lot to unpack.

The Humanness in Our Design

And then, I discovered human design. And oh my god... this was the icing on the cake. like it just wrapped everything up in a nice little bow. Human design is a system that utilizes many different modalities to help us understand our energetic rhythm in life. How our energy works, how we process things mentally and emotionally, our dietary preferences, and so one. So many things. From global participation to individual nuances. There are 64 gates in human design that denote certain aspects and characteristics in our humanness that we get to lean into. Like gifts embodied or waiting to be discovered!

When I share people's human design with them, they light right up like a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Like, holy crap, that's totally me. That's why I am the way I am. And not only is it ok, but it serves a purpose. I constantly use my human design to accept my idiosyncrasies and lean into what I need to regulate my nervous system, and maybe give myself permission to just be me.

Gene Keys + Human Design

So how do these two mediums work together you might ask? Remember how I said there were 64 keys in gene keys and 64 gates in human design? Well I use the keys of gene keys to open up the corelating gates in human design. The keys offer you a process in which to open up and embody the gift of the gate in Human Design!

Everything I've designed for my client services is based around all of the modalities. But this article barely does each genre justice! All I can tell you is that my life got better when I was introduced to them and I hope that for you too!

I just wanted to offer a little snippet of what I've experienced with metaphysical systems - and I hope you've gotten something out of this that might lend itself to your journey! I'd love to be a part of this journey so if you're inclined, please take a look at my services. Otherwise, please enjoy the reference material I've provided below!

Lots of love,



Research Potential

Check these out if you'd like to know more! Or you can google pretty much anything and it will give you some references. I always recommend practicing discernment though, even with the stuff that I share, take what makes you feel good and empowered. Everyone has their own perception and interpretation of these systems.

Numerology Sites:

Astrology Sites:

Gene Keys Sites:

Human Design Sites:

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