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Leaping Into the Void

The sun entered Gate 29 on August 17 and will remain there until August 22. With it we enter a time of understanding our commitments and where we actually want to place our precious time and energy.

What are you committing yourself to?

Commitments can be about what you want to say yes to or what you want to say no to should an opportunity arise. But, they can also be much, much deeper than that.

On the surface, you may want to observe how you respond to an invitation to do something. Do you say yes or do you say no? Do you say yes when you want to say no? And more importantly, why? Why do you say yes to things? Why do you say no? Understanding your deep narrative when it comes to what you participate in will help you navigate what's actually in alignment for you or not.

We're actually meant to commit to the things that "feel" right, not necessarily are expected as right. And this energy, helps us really lean into that.

On a deeper lever, we are becoming more self aware in this energy. So many of the things we do stem from our commitment to outdated beliefs and response mechanisms. We build up our responses to things based on what will keep us feeling the most safe and the most accepted. The problem with that is when we commit to things from this place, we do more self harm than good.

So, on this deeper level, what beliefs do you have about what is the right or wrong thing to do have you committed yourself to, and are they still serving you? Do you get what you need out of the deal? Now don't get me wrong, it's not all about getting yours over someone else, because sometimes people need our help or what have you, but if you're constantly committing yourself from a place of obligation or duty, your needs aren't being met and it's a unsustainable place to live in.

Let's take this even deeper, just for a moment, and humor me with this. What are you committing your energy to? Mentally, emotionally, physically, and, or spiritually? And does this commitment make you feel good? What mental energy are you engage in right now? Does it leave you feeling good or not? I found myself, this morning, mentally trying to anticipate what these strange energies were that I was sensing, like if I just got ahead of it or prepare myself I would be ok. But honestly, all it did was create more anxiety and fear of the unknown. So in that moment, as how it was all making me feel came into my awareness, I realized I was unconsciously (from a subconscious defense mechanism that fear generates in me) committing my energy to something that wasn't making me feel very good, and it certainly wasn't providing the desired outcome I was after.


How Does Your Human Design Fit Into All This?

Gate 29 is located in the Sacral center - the very center that drives our life force.

If your sacral center is defined (filled in in your natal chart) you will have a bit of an easier time being in flow with what feels good and what doesn't. You'll feel energized and have the energy to commit to said thing.

If your sacral center is open (empty in your natal chart) you will have a harder time discerning what's yours and what isn't because you'll be feeling someone else's energy fueling the need to act. Your only job is to feel if acting or taking action excites you in some way. If it does, you're meant to use that life force to participate, if you don't you're meant to release the energy from your field. If you don't feel anything at all, don't force yourself to participate.

If you'd like to learn more about your human design click here


So How Do You Define Proper Commitment?

How do you find that sweet spot in what you're meant to commit to and what you're not?

It all comes down to resonance and your ability to trust it, even without proof or evidence.

Whatever you're meant to commit to will generally have an initial feel good energy to it. It's only when our mind and conditioning and the way we think get involved that how we feel about said commitment changes. This can go either way, we can convince ourselves to not participate, just as much as we can convince ourselves to participate.

If you're familiar with your Human Design and know how your inner authority works, lean on that to show you the way. If you don't, I highly recommend figuring it out because it will save you a life time of worry, headaches and frustration.

Here are some others things to take into consideration:

  • feel into how your resonance shows up for you (it could be an emotional response, a physical sensation, a knowing)

  • take it further by leaning into what a feel good feeling is and what a not good feeling is when it comes to your resonance

  • everything you're meant to align with will have an ease to it - ease doesn't mean calm or peaceful, you could be super excited and things align easily

  • pay attention to how you feel when you're participating in something - the feeling can be emotional but it could also be physical - does it drain you or does it energize you?

  • pay attention to your thoughts and how much they are trying to influence you into doing the right thing by others - even if it means sacrificing the right thing for you

  • reflect on the things you've committed to that you really enjoyed - how did it feel to you? it's proof of how your resonance worked in the moment

  • give yourself permission to say no, even if you don't have a viable excuse! your time and energy are precious

I hope this has helped! Please feel free to visit my website or contact me if you'd like to work together.

I'm sending you all lots and lots of love, xo Candice

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