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Let Your Confusion Lead You To Your Truth

The Sun moves into Gate 64 on September 4th and stays there until September 9th, and with this, it offers us the gift of comprehending the more difficult concepts in our experience.

Overall Theme

The energy we feel here has a lot to do with making sense of things that can be confusing. It's here to help us understand how what triggers confusion in us and with that leaning into what we need to do to get out of that state. What creates confusion and what alleviates it will be different for each and every one of you.

Let your confusion reveal itself so that you can seek a deeper sense of comprehension and understanding. You'll want to lean into your human design signature to know what's worth pursuing mentally or not. For example, if you're a generator or man gen, and you're satisfied with what you're trying to figure out, keep going, but, if you're frustrated, step away, focus on something else and let the information come to you in another way.


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Dealing With Confusion

Often times being confused about something or someone comes from a place of limitation, unconscious restriction, emotional fear, or timing. So letting yourself figure out what is making it hard to comprehend is a big game changer.

Let's break these down a little so you can know which blockage you're dealing with.

If it's timing, know that you either don't have enough information to understand or it's not time for you to fully understand what's going on. In cases like this, it's beneficial to do your best to let go until it is time. Let yourself trust the process and know when it's time you'll receive everything you need in order to make sense of things.

If you're confused because you just can't fathom something being possible, chances are you have some limiting beliefs creating confusion, or you may have some past trauma where things weren't possible so it was hard to comprehend things with possibility.

If you're confused about things but don't fully know why, you may be experiencing some emotional fear. This kind of fear is generated from an emotional reaction to something but it's deeply subconscious so it's hard to discern. Fear of the truth finds it's place here, so if you can face any fears you have about the truth, whatever it may be, you will be able to lean into the emotions you're feeling and find clarity there.

Letting your imagination and the energy of possibility expand your consciousness will shed a light on whatever it is you are trying to figure out.


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Relationships In This Energy

How your relationships fair in this energy will have a lot to do with your ability to understand where you're at as individuals but also be able to talk things out.

Your capacity for understanding your own emotional reaction to things that you find confusing is a huge benefit. It's great if your partner is good at it too but we can't make sense of things for other people. We need to figure out our own stuff first, as this is what we have control over. And sometimes, just having a deeper understanding of yourself will alleviate any tension and pressure the confusion brings.

Think about it, when we understand something, we less likely to react to it the same way we would if we were confused. When we don't know, it adds an element of fear that shifts us into a state of being defensive trying to save ourselves from feeling or experiencing something bad. So, when in doubt, lean into what you're feeling and responding too, it will help clear up a lot of energy between the two of you.

This energy can also lend you the gift of understanding things on a much deeper level. Seeing things you didn't' see before. Knowing things you didn't know before. And let's face it, when we know more, we just generally feel better, our relationships are no different.

I know confusion gets a bad rep because of how it makes us feel (sometimes helpless and hopeless) but it also gets our attention. So if you're in a relationship that causes you a lot of confusion, it's a good indicator that things need to be felt into on a deeper level. This can either bring a healthier element to your relationship and bring you closer to your person. Or it can help you realize that maybe this person, isn't your person. Even if you've been in the relationship a long time, this kind of energy is going to make you lean into your instincts more because your mind (which is usually what you use to make decisions) isn't giving you the clarity you need and want.

With all the planets in retrograde, Venus still in retrograde and the South Node in Libra, you will witness relationships that have run their course fall apart. This isn't to scare anyone or make people worry, it's just for those who are in relationships out of duty or obligation to free them of that so they can be in a loving relationship. I've seen so many people break up, end their marriages, and call of their engagements during this time, and as empathetic as I am to the pain they feel, I am happy for them. They have freed themselves of the dutiful, expectant side of relationships that have kept them unhappy and unfulfilled. They are now both free to find love and happiness within them and in a solid, healthy relationship.

Sometimes we don't know what we don't know until we know it, and when we know better, we do better. And I truly don't think people realize how much work they have been putting into their relationships to maintain them. This is not to be confused with effort and working together as a cohesive unit. If you're cohesive, there's no confusion there. It feels right, there's no resistance or fear.


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Sending you all so much love,

xo Candice

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