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New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries visits us on April 11th, 2021. You may feel the effects of it a few days before, and a few days after.

I don't know about you guys but the second we step into Aries season I feel we have been on an elevator up to high frequency energies. Fast moving and potent shifts rippling through the collective. We vibe high, we bring up low vibe stuff for purging, but its' relatively quick to process.

The low may include physical healing, feeling run down, cold or flu like systems, allergies, digestive indigestion.

The high is holy hannah, am I high right now? Full body vibrations, literal fire in the belly, maybe even the giggles. A restlessness in either state, is almost a guarantee.

A concentrated focus on anchoring is high lighted here, but know that nothing is wrong, this is exactly what is meant to happen!

What we are asking about with this new moon:

  • What will fuel your fire right now

  • What can you do to anchor and focus your energy

  • Why this New Moon is important to your connection

Here are the Zodiac New Moon in Aries Taroscopes:

(don't forget to check your Moon, Rising and Venus as well if you are more in that energy right now)


Aries (March 21 to April 19)

KAPOW...that's what I heard lol Like that's what this energy feels like.

Allowing yourself to grieve proper and truly honour and let go of the old relationships, thoughts, beliefs, conditioned you, will give you the fuel you need to sustain this moment. This may feel weird because the energy is really beautiful right now, but ending don't always need to be difficult or dramatic. It's like cutting off the dead ends of a plant leaf so the plant can flow it's energy to what will grow.

You can anchor and focus your energy by expressing your soul's insight in a symbolic way, or in any way really. Light language, symbolism, journaling, art work of some kind. Allow it to channel from you. For some you could even write a eulogy for your old life if it resonates.

This New Moon is important to your connection because it increases the fluidity of your communicative abilities and consistent flow of your energy. You know what runs on energy? Your connection! It also will bring in the support needed to clear out anything you need to grieve so you can see clearly the truth beyond your human experience with one another.


Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

You don't need to be a lion to roar.

Keep in courageous company is what I heard. You are so near a break through. A massive one you may have been working on for a long time. How you communicate with yourself and the people you keep around you will help tremendously. This shift for you is destined so you can't do anything to mess it up and those around you won't stop it. It will just help is all.

You can anchor and focus your energy by removing anything that is potentially destructive for you. You are preparing for a new life and there is no room for self sabotage. We all do it, and you don't have to do much, except be aware of where this shows up for you. Is it in your thoughts? Emotions? Self Worth? Are you worthy, regal enough, for this new life?

This New Moon is important to your connection because it will reveal an important piece of information in regards to the dreams you hold dear. There is an element of something coming to a conclusion so that you have the proof your ego may need and keep on moving.


Gemini (May 21 to June 21)

A black cat isn't unlucky, and neither are you.

There is fortunate turn of events following you around, know that it is here to help support you through this next phase. It will be some kind of financial or even emotional support. You may just feel "lucky", and spirit asks you to allow this and be mindful of any doubts you have that you deserve this. You do, otherwise it wouldn't be showing up. Open up to receive your good fortune.

You can anchor and focus your energy by showing yourself some unconditional love. Nurturing all that you are and being patient with yourself as you navigate this new world we live in. Look for the joy that you bring into your own life and yes enjoy the joy you experience too.

This New Moon is important to your connection because it will reveal that nothing is set in stone and with that fluidity comes new hope. There is clarity around why healing is so important at this time. Heal thyself, heal the connection in the physical.


Cancer (June 22 to July 22)

Your new beginning awaits, you just have to walk through the door.

This is a choice, this isn't divine timing holding you up at the moment. Spirit is saying, the door is open, for whenever you're ready. It feels like the warm breeze that summer brings so it may be opening you up for positive change come summer time. But it will definitely fuel your fire to know this is yours for the experiencing.

You can anchor and focus your energy by being aware of something or someone draining your energy. Sometimes our thoughts, and beliefs do this, sometimes it actual people, whether they mean to or not. Be mindful of when you are trying to engage with something that is taking more than it will give.

This New Moon is important to your connection because it will help you see what is worth bringing with you into this new phase and what is not. A need to defend, or argue or educate may be from a deeper traumatic wound that needs to be addressed. To move into a space reconciliation within the self will help you see the interactions with your counter part in a new light.


Leo (July 23 to August 22)

Home is where your heart is, it's also where you make it.

You are always home within yourself, and perhaps there is some energy coming in to help you reconcile anywhere you haven't felt at home. Anywhere you may have felt alienated and like you don't belong. This is a reminder that your gifts are not meant to be understood by your family. You are here to play a role for them versus teach or heal them directly.

You can anchor and focus your energy by understanding the purpose of the knowledge you keep. Do you feel the need to show others how knowledgeable you are in order to feel accepted or appreciated? Anchor in the acceptance that you don't need anyone's buy in to appreciate what you know.

This New Moon is important to your connection because it will show you where you past trauma around needing to be understood is coming up for healing. You may find yourself needing to prove yourself and your worth at the expense of balanced communication.


Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

This mirror reflects the truth, are your eyes open to see it?

There is another level of opening, understanding for you. Another layer uncovered in the hard truths you carry like a coat of armor. It's no a surprise that we see a woman in a nun's uniform. You may be guided to be more devoted to your personal connection to source and your soul's truth.

You can anchor and focus your energy by being aware of...wait for it... you guessed it, servitude. I get this a lot for the Virgo collective. Being in service is a beautiful thing and this New Moon is asking you to feel the difference in serving others and being in service to others. One will feel light and happy, the other will feel obligatory and heavy.

This New Moon is important to your connection because it will show you where you've been in service to it, or outside of it in an unbalanced way. So for some you may be completely self sacrificing for it, and for others you may be sacrificing your truth and happiness for others. This is all for awareness and growth and reconnection of self.


Libra (September 23 to October 23)

A tree has many roots, and much that we cannot see.

What you've needed and experienced in your linear (3D) work has helped you build certain skill sets but was never meant to be your end game. You will realize that the tried, tested and true beliefs you had around work and earning are no longer able to provide for you on an emotional and soul level.

You can anchor and focus your energy by not letting yourself be a victim of change. Surrender to the changes that are coming and know that you are and will be provided for. These changes are happening for you and align with your true soul's purpose. Even if you don't entirely know what that is yet.

This New Moon is important to your connection because it will help you to surrender to a lot of things, including the path your connection is on. If you've already surrendered, you'll surrender more. No biggie, it's taking you out of any difficulties you've experience to allow ease and flow. And yes, this includes any future partnership with your person.


Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)

Your sovereignty and path are protected, no matter what.

You are a Divine being and thus, Divinely protected. Knowing that no matter what you decide you will always be provided for and guided. You cannot fall off your path or mess up what is meant for you. Let that knowledge fuel your constant growth and forward movement.

You can anchor and focus your energy by allowing yourself to a student right now. Surrender to the acceptance that you are in a learning phase and you don't have to know or have all the answers. This will also help you be open to the possibilities, and while what others teach may not be your cup of tea, there may be little things you can take away from the experience.

This New Moon is important to your connection because it will help you establish that you are good enough, as you are in this moment, right now. That you don't need to perfect or change, for your happiness, life, connection and person. There is relief in being able to exhale.


Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

The status of a happy family goes beyond appearances and old beliefs.

Who doesn't want the perfect, happy family paradigm? We were raised to believe that the family unit, the house, the dual income is more important that the mental and emotional health of the members in said family unit. This New Moon is going to bring in energy that will help shift out of the old and into the new.

You can anchor and focus your energy by putting effort and energy into nurturing healthy communication, patience and unconditional love. You may need to give this to yourself first before it can be translated to anyone else, family or otherwise.

This New Moon is important to your connection because it will help you realize where your possible lack of self love has made it difficult to be unconditional in the energy of it. Where you've been hesitant to forgive or explore, and maybe even hide or use the family as an excuse or financial codependency (no judgement here, only awareness, it's a deep conditioning being unearthed) you will be able to move ahead, even if it's just in baby steps.


Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

The lion means to roar.

You have the courage, and a huge part of you has been keeping your opinion and emotions in check for others. However, you're may not be able to keep a lid on it much longer and know that it's going to be deeply gratifying and healing to actually talk about how you feel.

You can anchor and focus your energy by understanding what stories you're telling yourself about you. Like what old stories or narratives are keeping you from expressing yourself and letting the energy move out of stagnancy? Like this honour code you have that you aren't extending to yourself.

This New Moon is important to your connection because emotions are running high and the personal truth will be spoken. This will liberate the subconscious energy you may be projecting toward one another or in general. Like an old resentment and inability to speak the truth because it's frowned upon. But here is the thing, the energy needs to move. So whether they exchange happens face to face or you just let yourself speak your truth, it will finally get that old energy moving.


Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

Inspiration is both ignition and empowerment.

It's either a hell yes or a hell no from the initiation. The debate to determine relevancy will leave you feeling discouraged. This New Moon is helping you develop your inspiration and your intuitive hits. If you've felt blocked, you could be trying to think too much or trying to make sure things are perfect, draining the essence of the energy.

You can anchor and focus your energy by completely surrendering your power of choice to your higher self and the Divine guidance team here for your greatest and highest good. It requires absolute trust. Start with a day of this and work your way from there. See where it takes you.

This New Moon is important to your connection because it will allow Source to serve you in your healing process. Anywhere your connection has been reflecting past pain will be brought up, ask to be shown how to interact with this energy. Also, surrender to not knowing everything or needing proof that a favorable future exists. Just surrender to the inspiration of hope and let it open up doors you never knew existed.


Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

A happy fish, is a free to swim fish.

Anywhere you've felt disempowered, and I'm getting more the thoughts and beliefs around restriction, this New Moon will illuminate for you. This is all so you can free yourself, from, well, yourself. Or more importantly, your conditioned self.

You can anchor and focus your energy by preserving your innate Divine knowledge within. Holding it sacred and in priority to anything you've learned from the outside in. Where some information from others may align or add to your soul's narrative, the rest, you will no longer try to make room for. Like it if restricts you or creates a dichotomy of suppression, it doesn't belong.

This New Moon is important to your connection because it will help you realize a new phase is beginning for you. It feels like another level of refinement but with out so many rules or box checking. More like experiencing an expansive approach to things you once felt suppressed by, especially when it comes to the beliefs you have around your connection.


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