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The Tension of Transcendence

Cancer 9°30' - 15°07' Transit: July 1st – 7th, 2023

On July 1st, 2023 approximately 14:20 (E.S.T.), the sun entered Gate 39, the gate of emotional liberation.

When we enter a new energy cycle we have the opportunity to release old energy that no longer serves, like beliefs or behaviors, and heal any experiences that keep us feeling less than we are. They bring in experiences and events that helps us grow and expand. The energy cycles last for 5 to 6 days and each one carries with it the energy we need to make the most of our experience. It’s kind of like a moon cycle, if you’re into following the new moon and full moon cycles. But these, in particular, have to do with the sun! New cycles mean new growth, new skills to master, new gifts, and new tools for us to use in our ever expanding evolution. In these forecasts I talk about how these energies may affect you, why they affect you the way they do, and what you can do about it.

I'm sure you've been feeling emotionally provocative lately. If you haven't, I'm sure it will come. Rage walking is a thing right now, so if you need to get your anger out, do it. We are transcending our need to keep every emotion in or even label emotions as if one is worse than the other. They all have an important purpose in our life.

Especially when it comes to moving energy out. Anger and rage are a powerful tool for moving old stagnant energy out. We cannot take the old energy with us. It just can't happen. Does this mean you should go around raging at everyone or projecting your anger? No. Although I suspect it would be powerful catalyst for someone else's transmutation.

The key to this energy is to let yourself feel, just let it out. Without judgement, without shame, without criticism.


What Is Possible?

The gift of emotional freedom. To be liberated from the conditioning that keeps us bottling up our feelings as if they make us weak.

I feel that we are seeing more and more that when we hold in emotion, it actually weakens the body and the mind. So, to me, it makes sense that these energies are trying to help us release any need to shut down the flow of our emotions.

You know you're embodying this gift when you are embodying your most authentic emotional self.

a.k.a. let it rip


Transcending the Victim of our Moods

Ultimately, this is about us recognizing the pain body and how our emotions stimulate that in order to feel.

We all carry energy that isn't necessarily for our greatest and highest good. Sometimes we take on someone else's energy, sometimes the energy used to serve us but no longer does. Regardless, when energy becomes misaligned in our system, it curates unconscious behavior and a difficult experience for us to have.

The misaligned energy in this case, manifests as a need for the stimulation violence provides (like craving drama or trauma on TV) and may show up as feeling repressed or oppressed in some way by our fear or getting angry, projecting anger at others to provoke an emotional response.

While these sound pretty obvious, you'd be surprised at how sneaky this energy can be! It's a unconscious response to behavioral patterns hidden in our subconscious.

How it may show up in your life (there's no judgement - only awareness):

  • addicted to murder shows, or drama shows, or shows that provoke hostility or anger towards people

  • feeling restless like you want to crawl out of your skin

  • getting angry at seemingly little things

  • unable to let go of being angry at someone ( no matter what the situation is)

  • bursts of anger - especially out of nowhere (from holding in emotion)

  • looking for someone or something to blame for how you feel

  • lashing out at others who are trying to quell your emotions or trying to fix your situation but not really listening

  • judging yourself for how you feel or an expression of emotion you had


Dynamic Shifting

When we can be aware of where we are at, we have the ability to shift ourselves out.

Letting yourself witness the provocation of your emotions allows you to become aware of where your conditioning isn't allowing you to feel or express your feelings.

Most importantly, pay attention to how you react to yourself or others when emotions are involved. Your reaction will tell you a lot about what you belief about emotional expression. More so what you were taught or conditioned to belief about emotional expression.

There is a good chance your parents or older family members were never allowed to express and taught you to do the same through their response to your emotional outbursts as a child.

But, once you become aware, you no longer need to live within the parameters taught to you, you have a choice. And you'll also see how amazing it is to let yourself feel - pay attention to how you feel when you give yourself permission to honor the emotional energy moving in you.


Are you an Emotional Authority?

If your solar plexus center is defined in your natal chart, you are what we call an emotional authority. Your emotions are key to you interacting with the world around you. Understanding how you feel about something also helps you make decisions.

Even though gate 39 resides in the root center, this energy will encourage your own emotional liberation. It takes a lot for you to express anything, crying, yelling, joy, etc. You have a myriad of emotions moving through your energy all day every day, so you're a little more desensitized than most. So this gated energy will help you become aware of where you're not letting your own emotions out of the cage.

If you're a non-emotional (you have an open solar plexus center), you tend to be more emotionally reactive regardless of this gate because you are sampling, amplifying, and projecting what you're receiving from those defined solar plexus' around you. You do a great service in transmuting through the emotions of others, and this will help you also overcome any stigmatism you have in regard to emotional expression and what is supposedly means.


I hope this finds you all well, and I'm sending you lots and lots of love at this time!

Love Candice

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