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The Will to Surrender

Well this couldn't be more perfect for this week's increase in intensity of energy. With the full moon in Pisces upon us and the planet Uranus going retrograde, we are set to experience a full exposure of the need to know and figure things out and how it only really, truly keeps us from being at peace.

You may find yourself in a mind freeze, unsure what to do or what to think, or you may find yourself not really caring what happens because it just exhausts you trying to handle it all.

We are entering a time where all the old lessons, conditioning, programming, beliefs that kept us going are no longer working and we are in need a new way to be.

The Sun enters gate 40 and with it a new sense of resolve and reconciliation in preparation of this new world we are birthing into reality. We will be in this energy until September 2, 2023.


I know that sometimes just talking things out and having a safe space to do so is so important when the energy is intense and shifting, so I'm offering 25% off all of my services until September 1, 2023 including my one-on-one counseling sessions and packages.

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Big Shifting Energy

I feel we are in a time where the interpretation of this energy will be vastly different for each individual. Some will have a more practical perspective, grounded in the physical reality, and some will have a more expansive view. It all depends on where you're at, and each and every point of awareness, big or small is valid.

Every single human being on this planet is, in some way, contributing to the expansion of human consciousness. Even the ones we think are "bad" or doing "bad" things, they are making it so obvious what's out of alignment that it's helping people wake up to what is or is not good for us.

This kind of energy is the energy that breaks things apart and shifts the human perspective in irreversible ways. You may even witness things happening in the world and people responding with anger. Anger is a great catalyst for moving out stagnant energy, and we as a human collective, have a lot of stagnant energy. This isn't about condoning what we perceive as awful behavior, it's about understanding that everything has it's time and place and purpose. And in that, we can allow ourselves to surrender to what is as it's shaping what will be. If you're triggered lean in or let go because things are going to get really intense as we map out a whole new reality.


Acquiescent/Contemptuous from Exhaustion

We are, at this time, healing many things from the past. The part of us that acclimatized to survive by adapting to certain beliefs and behaviors that made us feel safe in the environment and family we were raised in, but perhaps, no longer serve our new goals. When you start to grow and expand, your needs move beyond safety and survival, so it makes sense that the programming you operate from will shift beyond that too.

This energy is helping us heal the victim of fatigue. Where we either acquiesce out a need to belong or we become contemptuous, completely fed up with the fact that we have to try so hard to belong.

We exhaust ourselves in so many ways trying to keep up with keeping up. Trying to be people we aren't so we are respected. Trying to solve or fix things about us in the hopes it makes people love, respect, and receive us more. Trying to solve problems that haven't happened yet or problems that have nothing to do with us or problems we have no control over. Knowing that everything that happens during this time is to expose the parts of us that still want to participate in things that aren't really helping us anymore.

Things to feel into if you experience them during this time:

  • feeling mentally, emotionally, physically exhausted

  • feeling the need to be someone you're not in order to be respected, seen, accepted, heard, etc.

  • struggling to assert boundaries with others out of fear it will make them mad at you

  • feeling manipulated by others, or becoming aware of this

  • trying to manipulate others in order to get what you want - as if you're not good enough or have enough to offer

  • denying your needs for the needs of others because you just don't have the time or energy to do both or feeling like it gives you safety or acceptance of some kind

  • denying the anger and rage in you at some of the injustices you're experiencing or witnessing

  • feeling an unconscious contempt towards others - others who are free to be themselves or just being able to do what you can't

So much of the unconscious energy coming up for reconciliation has to do with our innate need to be something we are not in order to get our needs met and how truly adverse that actually is to getting our needs met.

So, you've established you're experiencing some of these things, now what? Honestly, surrender. Let go. Stop trying and see what unfolds for you. If exhaustion was a sport, you'd win a medal, but it's not and if it hasn't given you what you're looking for yet, it's time to try something else. The way through is to let go of who you think you're supposed to be and just be you. Relax, breath, and open.


Human Design + This Energy

Gate 40 resides in the ego center in our natal chart. This is the center that provides us with the energy to commit or not commit to something. The will to do or not to do as it were. So let's dig into this. If you need to pull up your natal chart to see where you fit, please feel free to get it here.

Is Your Ego Center Open?

Let's start with those of you who have an open ego center. If your ego is open it will appear white in your natal chart. You will have a bit of a hard time establishing your worth, especially if you're trying to be someone you're not in order to try to manage things or people around you. You're naturally disposed to struggle with commitment, often feeling the need to over commit to things in an attempt to prove your worth and competency. In this energy be mindful of what you're exhausting yourself over and what you're trying to accomplish. Sometimes we just need a little awareness of the big picture to pull ourselves out of getting caught up in someone else's energy or the pressure to prove your value to them. Your ego center's job is to pull in the energy of commitment and value from other's, sample it, amplify it, and project it back out to the world. Somewhere in the process of sampling and amplifying it feels like it belongs to you, but your only job is to take on what actually makes you feel good in the moment. If it doesn't feel good to commit to something (behavior, belief, action) but you feel pressured to do it anyways, it's probably not yours.

Is Your Ego Center Defined?

If your ego center is defined in your natal chart, it will be filled in. You have a consistent and manageable form of will power. You know what you can and cannot commit to and you're good with making promises you know you can deliver. It makes sense that, on some level, you also have a good grasp of how valuable you are. The struggle for you in this energy can be the need to hang onto old tried and true ways that used to work but perhaps, in these shifting energies, don't really work anymore. And to also have compassion for those who seem a little flakier right now because they haven't quite gained the awareness they need to self regulate. You project out the gift of value and proper commitment, but be mindful of expectations you may have of others who aren't as grounded as you are in this area. This energy will bring up any need to try and force others to see things your way - this too is a false sense of self and purpose which will make things harder in this energy.

Is Gate 40 Manifested?

If you have gate 40 manifested (40 in a black circle) (depending on what planetary placement gate 40 falls under) you will be affected by this energy in the way that helps you grows in that area. Now, not to create confusion, but the side of your chart that gate 40 manifests on matters.

If it's located on the left hand side of the chart it's going to naturally help you surrender to resolve your exhaustion. I have this and I find it helps me accept and let go of what I can't change, especially with other people and things beyond my control.

If it's located on the right hand side of your chart, it's going to require some sense of mastery on your part. Learning to surrender, letting things unfold, and learning to just be you.


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With the direction of our energy changing by the hour, all you really can do is keep centering with your breath and coming back to the present moment. Trust the process, trust yourself.

Sending you all lots of love,


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