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Virtue Is It's Own Reward

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

The Sun entered Gate 7 on August 6th and will stay there until August 11th. It foreshadows a very different kind of Lion's Gate this year. To me, Lion's Gate has always been about self empowerment. It's the time of year when I have felt the closest to and maybe even embodied the Divine Feminine within me. But this year, feels a little different. This year, instead of looking fiercely into the future, I find I'm looking fiercely within myself. Where am I honoring myself and where am I not.

Themes of This Energy

  • heart centered leadership - the art of being an inspiration to others

  • detaching from expectations and outcomes as a means of enjoying the process of witnessing the greatness in you without effort

  • experiencing what it feels like to know you're an equal no matter what transpires - this sometimes may be experiencing being treated as less than equal and being brought back to the realization that you are, in fact equal

This is a deep alchemical process that happens from within. This year, we are mastery inner alchemy. Our focus shifting from the view outside of us, because let's face it, it's hard to pin down anything externally right now. Everything outside of us is so inconsistent that we really can't grasp onto anything. Which, while extremely discombobulating, is much needed for the path we are on to take hold in a way that serves our greatest and highest good.


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Shadows + Vibrational Mismatches

Like with anything else, we will be faced with energy that is old, stagnant and no longer serving us. This little portion of the forecast I like to dig into the ways we may experience these things so you can be empowered to understand why you feel the way you do and what you can do about it.

The shadow aspect manifests as a state of division. Where we’ve taken on programming to create some form of separation within ourselves that deems our behavior and actions as a source of worthiness. It also perpetuates our need to compare ourselves to others, creating an us versus them mentality. There is a hierarchy here that doesn't really allow collaboration and cohesiveness. So any relationships that are unbalanced inside (think belief systems that one partner is more important than the others) and outside (one partner held responsible for everything or treated less than) will be coming to a head this week.

If you're more passive, you may carry resentment about being responsible for things all the time or even how other people feel or end up being. If you're more aggressive in your response, you make seek out being in a leadership position or needed to lead others as a form of dominating the experience. Like, if I'm going to be made responsible, then I'm going to take charge of it.

How The Shadow Can Manifest

  • Feeling the need to compare yourself to others to gage if you’re better or less than, more healed or less healed

  • Feeling anger, resentment

  • Feeling angry that you feel you're baring all the responsibility in a situation or relationship

  • Feeling frustration that you seem to be the only one doing the healing work

  • Thinking that because you're the more healed/evolved one that the responsibility to fix everything or be the bigger person falls on you

  • Being treated as less than by other people - may your opinion isn't as important, or people are condescending with you

  • Trying to observe people's words or behaviors to see where they are at so you can judge if they are ahead of you or behind you, above you, beneath you

  • Feel like you need to over extend yourself or do more in order to have more value in the relationship

For those of you with Gate 7 in your natal chart, this will be a common theme in your life in one way or another. The energy over the next 5 days may really bring this to ahead or, you may find it familiar in a lot of ways. It all depends on which side of your chart it shows up on!


How To Shift Back Into Alignment

  • witness the division in you and choose to shift out of that - remind yourself that no matter where you land in the varying social climates of the world, you're an equal

  • feel into what experiences, relationships, events, thoughts, beliefs, and actions make you feel less than and lean into what it is that makes you feel that way so you can be aware of what you're engaging in that doesn't actually serve you

  • feel into what experiences, relationships, events, thoughts, beliefs and actions make you feel good about yourself and what you have to offer

  • feel into the person you want to be and why? and maybe even more importantly what makes you think you aren't that person already? sometimes we can't help but see ourselves through the filter of our conditioning but our conditioning was designed to keep us looking for things to fix in order to improve or be a better person

Become your own leader, and lead yourself out of the old energies that keep you feeling like you need to improve, acquiesce to others, or be better. Your evolution and growth can happen through acceptance and equality too.

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xo Candice

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