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Monthly readings tailored to whatever you need to know for that month.


You'll receive an e-mail containing your reading at the begining of every month. If you choose picture + text you will receive a PDF document that will have your reading on it. If you choose video, you will be emailed a link to the private video for that month.


Individual Readings:

  • Overall theme of The Month
  • Whatever You Need to Know
  • Guided Messages


Twin Flame/Relationship Readings:

  • Overall energy of the Connection
  • Whatever You Need to Know For You
  • Whatever You Need to Know About Your Person
  • Songs + Messages From Your Person


This comes in the following options:

  • Picture + Text Individual
  • Video Individiual
  • Picture + Text Twin Flame/Relationship
  • Video Twin Flame/Relationship


When you buy this during Black Friday week you will get December 2023 too!

2024 Monthly Reading

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