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5 recorded video reading (not live) - Delivered weekly until the 1st week of January 2024


#1 Summary of 2023

  • lessons learned by both of you
  • wounds healed by both of you
  • fears released by both of you
  • behind the scenes (what has been hidden from you)


#2 Transition + Growth

  • seeing yourselves
  • seeing each other
  • experiencing your connection
  • fears + blockages you've each shifted


#3 2024 At A Glance

  • personal challenges for both of you
  • fears that may surface for both of you
  • personal growth for both of you
  • lessons for both of you
  • guided to focus on for both of you
  • path to purpose for both of you
  • path to union for both of you
  • manifestations for both of you


#4 Special Events for both of you

  • January to March
  • April to June
  • July to September
  • October to December


#5 Additional Support + Guidance

  • Supportive Energy
  • Message from your higher self
  • Message from their higher self
  • Songs + Messages from Your Person
  • Spirit Animals that represent each of you and your connection this year

2024 Twin Flame/ Divine Connection Reading

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