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Human Design Relationship Session Bundle


Personalized Natal Chart Analysis
+ 3 - 60 Live Zoom sessions to work through the information together
 (includes access through email or what's app while the package is active)


This is ideal for people who want to understand their unique experience with the energy of their relationship and want extra guidance navigating this new perception and how to apply it to their lives.


How your design works in a relationship and how your energies affect one another:​


Session 1:
Understanding your needs and your persons energetic needs on a deep level
The core energy of the relationship between you
Understanding how the energy flows between you


Session 2:
Your personal missions
The alchemy you create when you're in harmony


Session 3:
The fears and challenges you'll face and how to overcome them
The strengths you each have and can rely on

Human Design Relationship Session Bundle

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