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This can be a zoom live session (1 on 1) or it can be a video recorded session will a question and answer follow-up. All of your information is private and confidential and is not shared with anyone. You will receive information on the following:

Natal Discovery $125

  • Astrology

  • Numerology

  • Mayan Dreamspell

  • Channeled information based on info from the above 3 modalities

Within Natal Discovery

  • Aspects that are important for you to know and identify

  • Affirmation and confirmation of what you do know about yourself

  • Challenges you have in this life and why

  • Important personal mission aspects

  • Gifts and support you incarnated with

Solar Return $125

I will do a Solar Return Astrology report, which will include:

  • I will dive into what this year will be like for you

  • Important events, personal growth and focus

  • Challenges and cycles closing out

  • What important elements will help support you

Energetic Discovery Profile $55

I work with the gene key theory which will highlight the aspects of the shadow self and light self within your incarnation in this lifetime.

  • Your purpose and its elements

  • Your love profile

  • Your prosperity profile

  • Tools and Guidance to work with the information

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