This can be a zoom live session (1 on 1) or it can be a video recorded session will a question and answer follow up. You will receive information on the following:

Natal Discovery

  • Astrology

  • Numerology

  • Mayan Dreamspell

  • Channeled information based on info from the above 3 modalities

Within Natal Discovery

  • Aspects that are important for you to know and identify

  • Affirmation and confirmation of what you do know about yourself

  • Challenges you have in this life and why

  • Important personal mission aspects

  • Gifts and support you incarnated with

Solar Return

I will tap into the feelings of things because we often feel differently then we act. Due to trauma, conditioned behavior, etc, we don’t always feel safe acting how we feel for fear of rejection or betrayal or abandonment.

  • I will dive into what this year will be like for you

  • Important events, personal growth and focus

  • Challenges and cycles closing out

  • What important elements will help support you