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Your Child's Core Energy

How They Navigate and Operate Within This World

  • 1 h
  • 188 Canadian dollars
  • Recorded Zoom Video

Service Description

This is ideal for parents who want to understand their children better and learn how to support them in the best way possible when it comes to: In this you'll discover their; Type - their energetic role in this life and in the world Strategy - how they naturally interact with the world around them Inner Authority - how they make decisions and determine what's best for them or not Signature - how they know they are in alignment on their path Centers - their natural energy flow You will need to enter your child's date of birth, location of birth, and time of birth in the form when you order. When the children are under 12 years of age, I will predominantly work with the parents to help them support their children, but can work with their kids directly if that's what feels resonant. Over 12 years of age, I can work directly with both the child and the parent. *Tools of recognition for you *Tools of acceptance your child *1 - 60 minute live zoom session per child (which may go over so please prepare for that) Each session will focus on the human design chart of one child - if you have more than one child I will offer a 15% off a session for each additional child

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