Twinflame Astrology & Insights Report

Do you want a deeper understanding of your Twinflame journey?

If you've been struggling to understand your personal Twinflame journey this report will:

• Show you what's going on, on a deeper level
• Help you understand why things are the way 
they are in your connection
• Help you understand your role better and 
your counterparts role better
• Make sense of what has happened between you
• Your individual missions in this life and the 
mission together
• What is the purpose of the connection for 
the both of you in this lifetime

This 10 page PDF document is a combination of Astrology & Channeled information.

There are specific Astrology patterns that belong solely to the Twinflame collective. 

I channel information from both your higher selves and soul guidance team through out the report, as they will share additional information needed at this time.

Sometimes the channel will be about past lives, or what you need to know to progress, or how something in the report ties into your life right now.

Whatever comes through is what's needed for the two of you.


Natal Chart Patterns

There are specific patterns that show up for Twinflames that speak to their particular challenges to work with and overcome.

Depending on where the pattern shows up, this reflects the depth of work for themselves, as individuals, and as a pair for each other and the collective.

• The Big 3 (Sun, Moon & Rising)
• Individual Shape Comparison
• Grand Trines
• Double Houses
• Mirroring Planets & Aspects
• Channeled Info

Personal Missions

Certain lessons or beliefs you chose to tackle in this lifetime will come up here. As you heal and release, you heal and release your lineage.

Same with your Twin Soul / Divine Counterpart, what they have signed up for to take on as an individual.

Sometimes it will also show up where you have both chosen to anchor light in the darkness. This could be in a family dynamic or a professional one.

• Chiron placement
• Challenging aspects
• Part of Fortune
• Channeled Info


Missions As A Pair

This is where we see what the two of you have chosen to work on together in this lifetime.

Sometimes it's love & romance, work & entrepreneurship, family, friendship. Or all of the above.

Sometimes it will speak to reconciling love in the home, domestic partnership, raising children, parenting, business partnership, etc. It's different for every pair and often what needs restructuring or healing most in the world.

• Composite chart
• Juno Interactions
• Venus Interactions
• House Placements
• Channeled Info

Past Life & This Life

Certain elements like skills or karma will show up here. Anywhere you've opted to bring things forward from a past life.

Often those elements (like one of you being a teacher and one of you being a student) will show up as something that will help you in this life.

Even if you were a healer or mastered something that you can use now. If there are any past life energetic balloons that are in need of healing and releasing.

• North & South Node
• Destiny Points
• Energetic Purpose
• Channeled Info

Karma, Lessons & Balancing

If there was anything still old or needing to be balanced between you from a past life, it will show up here.

Sometimes information from these lives will also come through. For example, what relationship you had in that life and how that experience is affecting you in regards to one another in this life.

• Planet Interactions
• South Node
• Rising Sign Interaction
• 4th & 10th House Signs

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