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This will be a video recorded reading and currently has a 3 to 10 day turn around time (depending on how booked up I am and what the energy is like - i channel when it comes and only then :) ). You will receive the video link via the email that was provided at the time of purchase. You can choose any amount of add ons, there is no minimum.

If you'd like to get all of these covered in a reading, select the option of the full reading. A full reading is a 3 hour reading done in 3 separate videos.


You save $82.22 by getting the full reading! If you choose this option you can choose to get them all at once OR 1 video per week for 3 weeks ( I find a lot of people love this option because it give them time to digest the information - it's a lot of info hehe)

Base Reading: $55 (this is standard in every reading purchase and included in the price)

  • Energy of the connection

  • Your energy and what you need to be made aware of

  • Their energy and what you need to be made aware of

  • What your higher selves are working on in the 5D to help you in the 3D

  • What they want you to know right now

Here is a description of every Add On:

(Most of the add-ons are $25, but some are more and some are less. Cost is shown in the form)

Viewing Each Other

I will tap into how you perceive each other. Sometimes it shows us that underneath all the behavior, the love and care are still there, and sometimes it shows us our wounds. As in, how we are seeing them is through wounded eyes so it’s a great tool to help figure out what needs to be released. Each question asked for both of you individually.

  • Viewing the connection

  • Viewing the human aspects of each other

  • Is there anything filtering the view for either of you (trauma or negative experiences making it hard to view things in a truthful way) 

  • Being guided to shift the view to a healthier, positive one

Feeling About Each Other

I will tap into the feelings of things because we often feel differently than we act. Due to trauma, conditioned behavior, etc, we don’t always feel safe acting how we feel for fear of rejection or betrayal, or abandonment.

  • How your person is feeling about you

  • How your person is feeling about the connection

  • Any of your subconscious feelings that may be hidden to you but need to come up

  • How your person is feeling about their future with you

Supporting Each Other

I will tap into what you are doing to support yourself, the connection, and your person, as well as what they are doing to support themselves, the connection, and you.

  • How the connection is helping you both

  • What you are doing that is supporting you and how it's affecting your person

  • What your person is doing that is supporting themselves and how it is affecting you

  • How this will provide long term effects into the future

Healing Right Now

I will tap into what is being healed and how it's being healed, this is often for confirmation or awareness.

  • What has been healed for you both

  • What are you each currently healing

  • What is coming up to be healed for both of you

  • What is all this healing shifting in the physical aspect of the connection

Lessons Being Learned

I will tap into what lessons are being learned right now, how they are mirroring and how they are affecting you, and the connection.

  • What lesson are you each learning as individuals

  • What are some shared lessons you're learning

  • Is there any resistance to the lessons that can be released (for you both)

  • What can you do to make learning easier for yourself

Past Energy

I will tap into what is being released past energy wise, like what you guys have experienced as a wound, why, and how it's being released.

  • Is there anything from a past life that needs to be addressed

  • Is there anything from the past in this life that needs to be addressed

  • What will it take to release the wounded energy

Focused On Right Now

I will tap into what is being focused on because where we focus our energy goes.  This can help understand where you are directing your energy and how it is helpful or hindering depending on what it is.

  • What are you focused on right now, does it need to shift or does it have Divine purpose

  • What is your person focused on right now, will it shift or does it have Divine purpose

  • Where can you direct your energy to receive the most fulfilling results

  • How will it help you, your person, and the connection

Emotional Tower Moments

This one is a little different and is designed to help you understand what is coming up for you and your person on an emotional level. These can be big moments or little ones, but they reflect a specific situation that requires you to dig deeper into the trigger. 

  • ​What is the point of this experience? What is the lesson in it?

  • What is the underlying issue of the trigger

  • How best can you move through and understand

  • How will this benefit you, your person, and the future of your connection

External Influences

I will tap into what is affecting the two of you externally, what is drawing your attention, could be beliefs from others, people, environments, etc.  Sometimes we are unconscious in how we get caught up in things outside ourselves.  While you won’t be able to do anything with the external influences in your counterpart’s life it can often mirror things happening with you and therefore help you become more aware of your situation.

  • Who or what is influencing you externally

  • How you can handle it

  • Who or what is influencing your person externally

  • How they are being guided to handle it

  • How are the influence and the reconciliation of it helping your connection

Karmic Relationship

I will tap into what karma is coming up to be healed, in a relationship (romantic or family), also how and why this is part of your journey.

  • Present energy of the situation

  • How your person is feeling about the situation

  • How the karmic person is feeling about your person

  • What karma is being balanced

  • What lesson is being learned

  • How this karmic person is important to your own growth

  • How do all involved (including you) benefit from the situation

Childhood Wounds

I will tap into the prominent wound you are each dealing with. This will be either betrayal, rejection, or abandonment. How it's affecting the energy between you two and what you can do to heal it for yourself and create the path for your person to heal theirs.

  • What is a specific wound that wants to come forward for each of you

  • What is a wound that your person triggers in you

  • What is a wound you trigger in your person

  • What is a wound you currently share


I will tap into the fears that may be creating blockages for the two of you. Fear can be a powerful motivator and we often develop behaviors and thought patterns that keep us from moving forward.

  • Past fears you've each overcome as individuals

  • Current unconscious/subconscious fears you each have

  • Current conscious fears you're each experiencing as individuals

  • A shared fear you have

Wants + Desires

I will tap into what you truly want and desire, what could be blocking it or stopping you from creating it.

  • What do you truly want and desire for yourself + the connection

  • What does your person truly want and desire for themselves+ the connection

  • How can you balance your desires and expectations

  • What is blocking you from receiving what you want and desire

Path To Union

The path to union is different for everyone. This part of the reading will dig into what the three layers of union look like for each of you and how to honour and facilitate each layer at this time.

  • Your path to union

  • An obstacle on your path

  • What will help you with the obstacle and this path

  • Path to union for them

  • An obstacle on their path

  • What will help them with their obstacle and path

Divine Timing

Divine timing places a massive role in our ascension and of course our path to union. In this reading we will seek out what is at play in your life as far as Divine Timing is concerned.

  • What is coming up for you both, divine timing wise

  • Where can your energy go in the mean time

  • Guidance for aligning with your highest timeline

  • How are they being guided to the alignment of their highest timeline

Spiritual Guidance

I will tap into what guides, angels and animals are guiding you both on this journey.

  • The animal that represents each of you in this connection right now

  • The animal that currently represents the connection itself

  • Any spirit guides or angels that want to come forward and introduce themselves

  • Any specific messages from your spiritual guidance team

Channeled Songs

I will pull a few songs and what the energy is behind them and why

Messages from Them to You

I will pull some messages and channel anything that comes through to help you get an understanding of what is happening for you and what they are experiencing right now.

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