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Twin Flame Course

Understanding yourself is pivotal to your journey but understanding how your connection is actually helping you understand yourself is just as important. Everything that happens in your connection is here to serve your ascension. This is so much more than a fairy tale romance, and the more you shed and open to love, the more you can appreciate that.

I will not be one of those people that will guarantee you union if you do this course, because one, your union is guaranteed from birth and two, no one can guarantee that for you but you and your person.

But I can guarantee that you will find more ease and grace in separation if you do this course. Knowledge is power, and this will allow you to have a deeper understanding of what is happening between the two of you and ease your anxiety and worry. 

This course is laced with activation and healing and will empower you and empower your faith in your person and the connection itself.


 With this particular release of the course, you will receive bonus content that will help you walk through forgiveness, which is an extremely powerful tool for healing into union.

See more information about what the course includes below.

Packages Available:


Twin Flame Package #1: 


  • Twin Flame Course

  • Forgiveness Walkthrough


This particular session is an additional one specifically designed for Twinflames. In this session, we will utilize all the information you discovered about yourself and understand how it affects and plays a role in the connection. As well as how your Divine Counter Part plays a role in all of this for you.

In The Course:

We Talk About:

  • A little bit of Twinflames 101 (how the energy works between you, etc)

  • Past lives

  • Defining the energy between you

  • Parallels: Childhood, Adolescence + Relationships

  • Mirroring between you

  • Reflective trauma and responses

  • Mapping your triggers

  • How to witness and understand the interactions between you

  • How emotional energy is interpreted and interacted with

  • Dealing with people not on the journey

  • Sovereignty, Divine Will and Conscious Choice

  • How you can use the connection to your advantage


Included in the course:

  • Guided video session for each chapter

  • Workbooks full of knowledge (each module has it's own PDF work book)

  • Reflective questions to help you apply the knowledge to your life

  • Helpful take away information so you can apply the modalities to your life

  • Meditation: Twin Flame Higher Self Connection

  • Meditation: Clearing Your Connection

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