Twinflame Profile

You will receive a document listing all of the following traits of your Twinflame/Soulmate. Additionally 2 follow up questions are included.  Every question after that is 7.77.

My higher self and Twinflames higher self connect with your higher self and your twin's higher self to channel the following information:

  • Childhood - How They Were, As A Child

  • Adolescent - How They Were, As A Teenager or Young Adult 

  • Family Life - What Was Family Life Like for Them Growing Up 

  • Possible Childhood Wounds - Emotional trauma that affects how they see themselves and therefore affects their choice in behaviour. This may not represent all that present themselves

  • Romantic Relationships  - How They Are In a Romantic Relationship 

  • Core Values & BeliefsThese are the things that they strongly know or believe to be true

  • Personality Traits - These may be core or learned behaviours 

  • Their Traits That Work In Harmony With Yours - Some may be similar, some may be opposite, like yin and yang

  • Skills & Life Purpose - These are skills they have, or are interested in and serve their purpose in this life time 

  • Significant Dates - Could be birthdates, significant dates you’ve experienced or will experience. Or significant dates to them in their life moments

  • Significant Zodiac Signs That Came Up - Could be their Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, or one that is dominant in their natal chart, or a zodiac sign the two of you share in your natal charts. The more times they show up, the more prevalent they are.

  • Significant Signs From Them  - These could show up for you or belong to you and your twin.  They do not negate anything already previously established by you and them.  They could include phrases, songs, animals, objects, number or letter combinations. 

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